Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally A Decision and Getting Ready


Good morning everyone!
It is a ice covered world here this morning and not a good day to be outdoors at all. Even taking the dog for his morning walk was an adventure of how one can walk on ice and stay standing up.
I hope you all will stay safe until the ice or snow in some areas melts.

I have been such a slow gardener this winter putting off getting my seed order in. I finally had to set myself down and decide to get on with it.

I have some red pelargoniums over wintering in the basement from last summer so I ordered these Scarlet Picotee Petunia seeds to go with them in some containers. Along with some more Scarlett Maverick and Elite White Pelargoniums seeds. What can I say, I love my geraniums.

For the window boxes I am going to add a mixture of flowers made up of :

Verbena_Burgundy_Eye serena_mix_angelonia
Burgundy Eye Verbena & a mix of Serena Angelonia

A mix of Star Penta seeds and double Cascading Petunias.
Yes, I love my petunias also.

This  new Blackberry Petunia caught  my eye and I thought it would look well along with all the other choices ordered for the window boxes and a few containers. We will see if that color holds true this summer. LOL!


And also one of my favorite pelargoniums Apple Blossom.
I have grow Apple Blossom before and love the different shades of pink flowers that make up the bloom on these geraniums.


I always love to try a new flower each year so I ordered some Venezia Cineraria seeds. Have any of you grown Cineraria?
I saw them one year at  the Home and Garden Show and thought they were so lovely. They will do well in the spring and fall but they do tend to stop flowering when it gets very hot.
If you have grown them do you have any good tips for me?

I could not make up my mind on the coleus plants this year so I got a mixture of those seeds also to grow in the shady areas for filler. Also this mix will add some fall color with some of the orange and rust colored leaves.

Most of my containers are made up of the same types of flowers but with different colors each year. I have learned to go with what I know will not fade in the heat and humidity of the summer months in our area.


I always collect Impatiens seeds every year to have plenty on hand to plant for those shay corners and containers. They are a staple each year for me in the shade garden.


That is the extent of my flower seed order for this year with the exception of finding some Wallflower and Fan Flower seeds yet today. I have so many seeds that I saved from last year that I can also sow.

When spring planting starts I will be hitting the local nurseries too and I know I will be picking up a few to add to the containers. I can never seem go home without some flowers when I visit. I know you all are not like that though. LOL!

A few  veggie seeds will be started later.  I only grow a few because of lack of space and most of them are grown in containers to make it easier for me and because the clay soil here is terrible and they do not like growing in cement.  Green pepper, cucumbers and tomatoes are what make up my veggie garden nowadays.

I cannot wait to get them sowed and get my hands dirty now that I have gotten the order mailed sent.

So are you trying any new seeds this year?

Everyone have a safe weekend and…

Happy Gardening,




Nadezda said...

Lona, nice collection of seeds! You've made an expensive order, I guess.
For my experience, last year I planted 5 pelargonium seeds; only 2 seed grew.
Pelargonium turned out a different color that it was on a package!
Petunia, especially double one, badly germinates in garden soil; I sow them in peat tablets.
I noticed that double petunias look poorly after rain, hang their buds and the petals stick together.
How do you sow petunias?
Have a nice weekend!

Barbee' said...

What a beautiful future you will have.

Lona said...

Barbee: I will just be hoping they all germinate. LOL! Have a great weekend

Nazedea: These usually germinate pretty well for me that is why I stick to them.LOL! I sow the petunias and geraniums in containers of potting soil or use seed starting pellets indoors under lights. I have grown the double petunias before and love them despite some rain damage. Some years I have good luck with germination of seeds and some not so much. Last year I got a bad batch of seed starting soil and I did not have as good as some years. I also hold a lot of my geraniums over winter in the basement keeping the ones I like.Have a wonderful weekend.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Ooh! Love your choices! They will be so pretty. May have to follow your lead on that stunning verbena :)

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You have chosen some beauties. I really like the Scarlet Picotee Petunias. I've always like petunias. My mom favors them. Never had a summer without some pinwheel petunias at the farm. You do very well starting so many from seed. I just don't have a place to do that well and rely on my favorite local greenhouse for most of my annuals. I then tend to pick up a few plants here and there at various stores with their little displays. Ha! You got the icy part of the storm I see. We missed all ice which is fine.

Sunray Gardens said...

This ice has been a nasty one. I didn't realize you started so much from seed. Good idea though, big savings for those that do so many annuals and you have some great choices.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Janneke said...

Lovely collection of seeds Lona. I always sow Petunias too, you found a beautiful one the blackberry Petunia and cascading double ones so beautiful. After a long time I also ordered a Coleus mixture. When I do not use them in the garden they will be nice in the greenhouse I hope. I am really looking forward to start but it is still so very cold over here, we have a long winter.

Balisha said...

Another year of gardening is ahead and you sound like you are getting ready. I love those geraniums...mine were eaten by deer last year after my pampering them in the house.
Tell me, when would you start tomato plants indoors?

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I can't believe I didn't send in a seed order this year. It's that puppy completely changed my life! I may not be starting anything under lights but I am looking forward to spring.


Lona said...

Balisha: I usually start my tomato plants the middle or last of March. I guess it really depends on how big you want them to be before setting them outdoors and the lighting you have so they do not get tall and spindly.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Lona,
Have fun planting all your lovelies! I am not good at planning that far ahead, and don't have room to start flowers inside. I do start tomatoes and peppers most years, but don't know if I will this year. We'll see what March brings.

Janet QueenofSeaford said...

You always have a nice variety of blooms all season long. I am in awe of all the color you have.
That Apple Blossom pelargonium is really pretty.

sweetbay said...

I love your seed choices and container gardens! Beautiful!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I wish I could have the patience to do seeds , or even the place to do them ? LOL
But no .. seeds and I are sworn enemies .. although I do try direct sow like cosmos, sunflowers, sweet peas, morning glories .. to fill empty spaces.
You are going to have such beautiful plants this year and yes! going with what you know works is the only sensible thing to do right?
It will all look beautiful : )

Karen said...

Hi Lona, I finally made out my order the other night, too! I don't know why I put if off for so long. I grew Angelonia Serena two years ago, but I wasn't thrilled with them, however, it could have been the weather. They didn't bloom very much and were rather straggly. I probably should give them one more try before I dismiss them entirely, right?

I love the Appleblossom geranium, I often looked at those seeds and thought about ordering, but that's as far as it goes. I used to start geraniums and begonias in the house under lights in January but with the stained glass hobby taking the upper hand, now I resort to wintering over my old plants and buying replacements from the nursery. I just don't have the room in the basement. But I will start the rest of my 3000 seeds (what was I thinking, like I need more work??) in April in our outdoor greenhouse/hoophouse.

I ordered some more Tidal Wave petunias to fill in big areas and the rest was pretty much the same old, same old. I haven't ventured too far outside the 'box' this year. And I'm not much of a vegetable gardener either, but this year may change that as we worked up an acre of land and plan to plant potatoes, pumpkins, corn and other such nonsense. (Not that I'm looking forward to it! LOL)

Anonymous said...

What cheery photos! Thank you! I became a fan of verbena two years ago when I worked at a garden center. It's interesting how a plant can catch our eye and go straight to our heart!

RobinL said...

I gave up starting seeds indoors this year. I just never have much luck, so forget it! I ordered seeds for those things easily started outdoors. Anything else, I'll buy plants. I know, what kind of gardener have I turned into? LOL