Monday, April 22, 2013

Dicentra spectabilis “Bleeding Hearts”


After a couple of cooler days and some frost it is warming back up again and it is beautiful out today.
In the garden things are growing in leaps and bounds now and I am one thrilled gardener.

Dicentra_BleedingHearts_2Dicentra spectabilis “Bleeding Hearts”

The Bleeding Hearts are really in a hurry this spring and are blooming before the plants have even had a good start at growing.

I always look forward to seeing those dangling heart shaped blooms.


Common Name:
Bleeding Heart
Botanical Name:
Soil Preference:
It likes rich, loose soil that is evenly moist but also well-drained.  Plants will not grow well in heavy clay soils.
Light Requirements:
Partial Sun to Full Shade
Good for naturalizing.  Some of the most beloved of all plants.
none known
Leaf Spot.  Heavy wet soils may cause root rot.
Good Companion Plants:
Astilbe, Coral Bells, Foamflower, Forget-Me-Not, Hosta, Lamium, Lungwort, Woodland Phlox, Spiderwort


Dicentra spectabilis “Alba”  Bleeding Heart


and since I am speaking of heart shapes.

The “Jack Frost” Brunnera is starting to bloom. The tiny true blue blooms are so dainty and lovely.

The Grape Hyacinths are blooming now too that are planted under a tree along with some “Burgundy Glow” Ajuga. It is shady here under the big old Sugar Maple tree but the Grape Hyacinths bloom before the leaves get grown in the spring. This is also where the Elves live but they have not arrived and unpacked yet for the summer.
Time to get all the garden décor out of the shed I think. Smile

Happy Gardening,




Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Lots of hearts at your place. I must say even with winter constantly returning, I do have a nice stand of grape hyacinths. I'm slowly pulling out the garden decor too. It'll be fine with a bit of snow once in a while. Thanks for sharing all those bleeding hearts.

VW said...

Lovely bleeding hearts! I moved my giant white bleeding heart this spring and divided it - it was nearly 4 feet across last spring. It will sulk for a couple of years I bet, since many roots were left behind, but will hopefully bounce back. I think I have a place for a pink one now - my kids love their flowers, especially when they can pull them apart!

Balisha said...

Your Grape Hyacinth picture is so natural looking with the tree and the stones behind.I saw one of my Bleeding Hearts starting up today...have to look for the other one in back tomorrow.
I'm so ready for warm weather...Balisha

Tammy said...

Beautiful! I have the pink bleeding heart and the hyacinths, but I would so love the white one and the brunnera. I havent seen the white one before.

Sunray Gardens said...

Very pretty Lona. I love Jack Frost. Not enough shade here, but I am seriously thinking about doing one in a pot now.
Cher Sunray Gardens

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love your bleeding hearts. They are just beautiful and so romantic.

Happy gardening ~ FlowerLady

pivi said...

Bleeding Hearts are Must in every garden ! So beautiful are they. Jack Frost is my favourite too.

Lona said...

GSS: I need to plant some more Grape Hyacinths this fall because it would look better with many more together. Have a great week.

VW: Oh I wish mine were as big as yours! How lovely they must be. Have a wonderful week.

Balisha: I am with you girl. SO ready for warm weather to come and stay instead of disappearing after two days. LOL! Have a great week.

Tammy: I love the white ones too. Of course I love white in the garden on many plants.Have a lovely week.

Cher: One in a pot would be a great idea!! Have a good week.

Lorraine: I love those dainty little hearts too. :) Thanks for stopping in.

Pivi: Yes they are spring favorites of mine too. Thanks for dropping by.

Skeeter said...

I love Bleeding Hearts but they don't seem to love my conditions. I have tried them several times in different spots. To be expected with our crazy wet when rain and dry during 3 year drought cycles and clay soil. I think I may have found a good spot as one is hanging on.

Nadezda said...

Lona, sorry I'm late here!
I love dicentra very much and now without snow I saw its first sprouts. Your white dicentra is gorgeous!
I have brunnera the first spring, yours is beautiful with blue flowers!

takeshi007 said...

I think those flowers are also perfect to put in your backyard garden this spring because they have attractive and can help your garden look blooming.

Denver patios

RobinL said...

I do miss the lovely bleeding heart I had at my old house, just not enough shade here. Yours are gorgeous! My Jack Frost seeds itself so easily, so leave some bare dirt nearby so you can get some freebies!

sweetbay said...

Japanese Bleeding Heart has been on my want list for a long time.... it's well named, a spectacular flower!

Janet QueenofSeaford said...

Bleeding Hearts are not easy to photograph... yours is wonderful!! I love having some in my garden, one day I hope to get a great photo like yours.