Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Am Tuckered Out!


What a beautiful two days so far and a great start for the weekend.
It was just the weather needed to catch up on some yard work.
An old Maple tree had blown over from the woodland bed and my son had cut it up but I raked and hauled off old bark and a million limbs in my trusty little wagon down into the woods.
 Well it felt like a million limbs and sticks after setting around all winter. LOL!

The  Trumpet Daffodils along the woodland bed are into their second year now and are starting to bloom.
I raked all those old oak leaves from them and down into the woods.

Aspen was no help at all with the work and was underfoot if the truth be told so I  finally took him into the house so I could get some more work done.


I got the roses trimmed up and some dead limbs trimmed out of them. With such a mild winter I could not believe all the dead limbs on them. But I think they all survived and are starting to get some growth coming out on them now.

I got all of the flowerbeds cleaned  off again. Those nasty oak tree leaves again. I know you hear me complain about them every year. LOL!
The Delft Blue Hyacinths are blooming now and their fragrance as I was cleaning around them smelled so wonderful. The Hellebores are looking very beaten up now and even the Hyacinths have some browning on the edges of their leaves.

I got the rain barrel hooked back up to catch water. I am hoping we will not get some hard freezes yet that will freeze the barrel solid now. It is rather dry out in the beds now but maybe those April showers will be coming soon. Another reason to get the beds cleaned up while the sun was shining on a beautiful day.

The Primroses are showing growth now and this one is starting to bloom where it gets more sun than the others along the front walk.
The fall pansies that were planted in the window boxes are trying to regrow and getting a few buds on them. I always welcome their blooms until it is time to replace them with summer annuals.


I got the little pump pond cleaned out and filled with water again.  It is left running all winter with the help of a small water heater to keep it from freezing up. It was full of those nasty oak leaves which seem to always manage to find their way blowing right into the pond. I was glad to get that little job finished and always wonder if it was worth it while I am cleaning the mess. I think about filling the pond full of dirt and planting flowers there but I do love to set on the front porch in the summer and read with the sound of the water splashing from it, so I put up with the cleaning of it for now anyway.

Well the clean up is done for now unless we get a spring storm to cause more raking.
I think I over done it though  because my Fibromyalgia is now flaring  and a nasty cold came along to top it off. SO I am down for a while and tuckered out until my body quits fussing.
But I am smiling because of all of the work that got finished up, and the garden is coming alive,  and thankful also to be  outside once more getting my hands dirty in the garden.
It is all good!
Everyone have a wonderful weekend and…

Happy Gardening,





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earlene said...

I am envious...can't wait to get out more and work the garden.
Your blooms are so pretty!
Hope your feeling better tomorrow.

Sue said...

Lots of nasty oak leaves here too even though I lug sheetloads of them out to the curb in the fall for the town to collect. Looking forward to another day of cleanup and planting tomorrow.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

My goodness. You've been busy. When it's nice outside, I understand the want to get everything done for flowers to grow! Don't have the leaves issue here. Hoping for April showers to fill those barrels and water the beds here too. Take care and be well.

Karen said...

Hello Lona! I hope you are feeling better already. I'm jealous of the work you've gotten done, we're still waiting for the darn snow to melt, had another 1/2 inch last night.

Love the daffodils and the hellebores, all the blue hyacinths--nothing better than spring flowers!

Sunray Gardens said...

It's nice to get all that work done but is exhausting. I got most of mine done also and I decided my Roses need to not be pruned again. :)
Cher Sunray Gardens

Janneke said...

So, your son did a great job with the maple tree, you cleaned up your garden for spring and now I suppose April rain is very welcome for more growth. On our side we had at least sun yesterday but the soil is so dry. I'm busy with deadheading all the old Hydrangea flowers of last year, not a tiring job but I am spending lots of time with it in the sun now.
Hope you recover quick, take care.

Joe Todd said...

Great post and photos.. Maybe Spring is really almost here LOL

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Lona ~ What lovelies growing in your gardens. With all the work you described, it's no wonder you were tuckered out. I do hope you are feeling much better soon.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Lea said...

All that hard work has paid off beautifully!
Have a blessed day!
Lea's Menagerie

Claudia Fugate said...

Morning, Lona - Wasn't it nice to get out and garden? I'm getting thru the spring cleanup slowly - like you, a cold has settled in. But I'm sure that nature will lure me along, and enjoy the garden once again. Stay well. c

gwirrel said...

Hi Londa,

Glad to hear you managed to get some work done; feels refreshing, doesn't it?
I too managed to get some jobs done, but am holding back on some as I don't believe winter has quite left us yet. I don't want to tidy everything just for more snow to arrive and they die... Can't believe it's April - I shouldn't be even considering the possibility of snow at this time of year!

Nadezda said...

Lona, your garden is starting bloom, I love hyacinths, daffodils, primrose!
How nice to have dirty hands!

Patsy said...

I got my Iris bed cleaned out and got new Encore Azalea's to plant call Autumn Royalty, dark purple.
So glad to see spring.

RobinL said...

Well, I don't have any oak leaves to fuss with, but it sounds like we had the same kind of weekend. Work, work, work, but it sure felt good to be out there again. Instead of oak leaves, I have nasty foxtail grass that insists on climbing into all of my beds. And it takes a lot of digging to get it out, in the spring and all year long!

Erin Kaine said...

I love your pictures! Amazing color! I am like you, I love reading by the water!

Balisha said...

I have been on cleanup after trimming and removing trees so many times. It's a hard job.You have to listen to your will tell you when to rest.Hope you feel better. Balisha

Becca's Dirt said...

Hope you perk back up with a little rest and dirty hands are the best to make one feel better. I love this busy time of year. It is so pleasant to be outside this time of year and the gardens are busy. It just makes me feel better.
Love your pretty hyancinth and primroses. I've never grown primroses and hellebores.


To me there is no greater "agony" than the feeling at the end of the day when our body is sore but our hearts are full because of the work accomplished in the garden. I am so glad you're getting nice weather Lona.

Nice to meet Aspen, the garden dog. I guess he wasn't quite as enthusiastic as you were about getting those oak leaves raked up.

I'm the same way about my pond. It's such a pain to clean but once it's done and I can relax and enjoy it, the effort is all worth it.

Have a great week.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


You have so much blooming, I'm getting down that we are having such a cool spring. They are even saying we may get some snow on Friday!


pogonip said...

Every almost-warm day finds me outdoors. I could feel the strength of the sun on me today as I pruned roses--so yummy. I may not be tuckered but my hands are a tad rough even after a sugar scrub. Worth it though!