Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday in the Garden


What a beautiful week it has been here in the hills. Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures while in other states they were getting record snows for this time of the year. I hope it stays away from here because it is so sad to see snow on top of the gorgeous blooms in the gardens now coming on.

The pulsatilla vulgaris Pasque Flowers blooms are starting to fade away now. I love their fuzzy foliage and how they open their blooms when the sun shines upon them.




Pulsatilla “Red Clock” Pasque Flower

The new Pulmonaria “Red Splash” Lungwort, though small is starting to bloom….

while “Diana Clare” pulmonaria, which has been around for a few years, is loaded with buds and blooms. I love this one in particular because  it has wonderful foliage for the shade garden all season.

Pulmonaria “Diana Clare” Lungwort Foliage

In the flower boxes with self seeded Pansies from last fall  are blooming.
I really love this because I have some hardy weather blooms from them until it is time to add the tender annuals after May 20th.

Primroses and Red Hunter species tulips are blooming in the beds along the front porch. The primroses are doing very well this spring.

“Red Hunter” species tulip

I thought the “Snow Angel” Hurchera growing with the primroses was a goner but it is starting to come alive now and getting a little growth.


Even most of my old “Rembrandt” tulips this spring are as no show so I will have to plant all new tulips this fall.
I hope it is not a dry fall so the clay soil will not be hard as a rock  when it comes time to do that planting. We gardeners are always thinking ahead to the next garden chore. LOL!
I got the Fairy Garden set back up this week and the Gnomes have returned for the summer. All the garden décor has been brought out into the garden beds again and the beds have been weeded.
The porch furniture was cleaned and set up. So I have been enjoying the time out in the warm days this week.
I have three new rose bushes to plant this weekend that I got for a steal of $2.50 at Rural King. “Tropicana”, “Mister Lincoln” and “Paradise” roses well be added to the rose garden.  As to how they will preform will be seen later but at that price not too much well be lost.
I am joining along with Glenda at “Tootsie Time” for her Fertilizer Friday, so join us and “Flaunt those Blooms”.


Everyone have a wonderful weekend and….

Happy Gardening,



Earlene Landis said...

Lona love looking at your flowers.
The first group you showed is so pretty but I never seem to have luck with them .
going out right now to do some gardening.
Enjoy your day.

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Gorgeous flowers! I've never seen the purple ones before. They are so lovely. Your tulips and primrose are so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I just love all of your flowers, especially the pasque flowers.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Jeri Landers said...

Everything is perfectly glorious in your garden.I envy those primroses, mine did not re-appear. But many of my plants are surprising me all over the place.Ferns I thought were long dead, have begun to furl their lacy leaves hither and yon.

Beth said...

First I'd like to say I LOVE your blog background and header photos. It looks so springy! Your pasque flowers and primula are gorgeous. Happy Spring!

pivi said...

WOW, what beauties ! Love to see them. Have a nice and warm weekend !

Sue said...

Pulmonarias are tough little plants. I always get seedlings in hot dry spots where I would never think to plant them.

Ah, the fleeting flowers of spring!

Janneke said...

You have some beautiful different Pulmonarias and Pulsatillas! These roses were a real bargain, I know the rose Mister Lincoln, a real beauty.
Wish you the same lovely not too cold, not too warm weather like we have and happy gardening.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Can I borrow a cup of spring?
Sounds like all the garden pieces are ready for a new season at your place. Enjoy!

Kay said...

Love the flower photos. They are all so beautiful.

Sunray Gardens said...

Lovely blooms now Lona. That was a great deal on those Roses. I haven't gotten use to our new Rural King out here yet and hadn't even checked them out for plants. Guess I'll need to do that.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Gardening is a never ending supply of things to do, but most of the items on the list are fairly pleasant.

And so rewarding...

I love the pulmonarias...


cherry said...

everything looks so springish lots of pretties.. I love your Snow Angel hugs, Cherry

Shelshiya M said...

The Red Hunter attracts my eyes. I have some mixed colour pansies at home. An awesome post Lona!! Thanks for sharing!!!