Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blooming Now – Where Did July Go?



Where did this month go to so fast? That is the way with summer I think. If only winter felt like it passed by just as fast. LOL!
Well you know we had a cool down and it is actually a little too cool for me so I guess that is what brings my mind to winter.

The Cardinal Flowers are just starting to bloom here at the end of July.

”Monet's Moment” Lobelia

White Angelonia grown from seeds.

The Crape Myrtle bus is also starting to bloom as the….

Mimosa blooms are fading on the tree. It was loaded with bloom this summer and it did manage to draw some butterflies. Finally we are seeing some of them but they are so scarce this year along with the bees.


Of course it has helped having all those coneflowers in bloom along the woods which they are loving.


And the fragrance of all the tall phlox now blooming adds to making our yard a butterfly haven. Still it is sad to see so few.
Even relatives in Tennessee have told me that the bees and butterflies are scarce there this year.
I was blaming it on the spraying of moths here but if they are few in other states then something else is to blame for the butterflies.

“Becky Towne”  paniculata Phlox

“Bright Eyes” paniculata Phlox

“David’s White”  paniculata Phlox


I love phlox in the garden because of the fragrance.

“Nicky” paniculata Phlox



“Nora Leigh”  paniculata Phlox


“Starfire”  paniculata Phlox


“Carlotta” Hemerocallis is a late bloomer.


White Stargazer “Snow Princess” Lily

Lily_Blackberry_PatsySmithBlackberry Lilies
This one I am excited about because a gardening friend. Patsy Smith gave me some seeds and after two years I have some blooms now. Thanks again Patsy I love them!
She tells me they are really from the iris family and their leaves do look just like iris leaves.

Echinacea “Double Scoop Raspberry”

“Rembrandt” Dahlias are loaded this summer. Last summer my dahlias did not bloom at all.

Woodland Sunflowers are also blooming in the woods beside the house. I love their bright yellow blooms.
So that is a little of what is in bloom here at the end of July in my garden.
Everyone have a wonderful week and …

Happy Gardening,





Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You have some pretty flowers there. I've noticed fewer butterflies this year too but seem to still have bees.
We're in a weird wet and cool spell. Raining right now and I actually needed a jacket today.

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Lona, Your garden is looking gorgeous, love all the phlox. A few of mine have just started blooming with still more to come. It has cooled down a lot here as well, almost like early fall, yuck. Hoping for more nice weather in August. Have a wonderful week:) Jen

VW said...

Lovely, cheerful flowers! I just brought home a 'Blue Fan' lobelia and wonder how much water it will really require. I guess I'll put it in morning sun/afternoon shade and hope the sprinkler system keeps it happy. Do you have to keep your lobelias very wet?

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your colorful, beautiful and happy blooms are always a joy to see.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Kalantikan said...

Hi Lona, long time no hear, haha! You have such glorious blooms and i love those with very contrasting colors like the red with green. They look like they are from the tropics. Thanks for dropping by, i realized my former friends are still there.

Patsy said...

Yea! Happy to see the blackberry lily is blooming. We have some of the same Phlox as you and it has been just blooming so nice with big full heads. As always love to visit and see your beautiful flowers.

Jeri Landers said...

Don't you just love coneflowers?! We're in East Tenn. and have had no shortage of bees and Butterflies, thank goodness. I do hope you'll come to the Country Living Fair in Sept, you won't be sorry!!

Nadezda said...

Lona,your flowers are so pretty!
I love echinocea, mine is small and doesn't bloom yet.You're right: summer runs and winter goes very slow.
Happy week!

Balisha said...

Hi Lona,
I love that Starfire phlox...such a pretty color.
My Japanese Anemones are budding right now. They are getting so big. Thanks for showing yours over the years, so that I found out what they were.
Have a nice evening,

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lona ~ I'm always jealous you get 'Monet's Moment' to return. I buy perennial Lobelia's every year and hardly have any return. They and foxgloves are my challenge!
You ended July with a ton of blooms. I can't say it's been too cool for me but like you, I definitely wish winter would speed by as fast as summer. Happy August.


July just whizzed by, didn't it? And I fear August will do the same. I am also a devotee to the esteemed hardy Phlox. Your photos are outstanding. I love the hardy Lobelias too. Again, I put mine in a pot so they can stay hydrated during our dry summer. Does your 'David's White' phlox spread? I've got to dig out and give away a bunch of them because they just grow like crazy. I love them, to a point. :)

RobinL said...

Hasn't it been wonderful to have all this wonderful rain? My flowers look better than ever! I am seeing butterflies, maybe not quite as many as usual, but still plenty. Those phlox are something else, I love it. I bought several of them a few years back on your recommendation, and two of have come back this year. They aren't very big, but they sure smell good. Hopefully they will grow and spread like yours.

Splendid Little Stars said...

so many beautiful flowers! Now I want to add some of these beauties to my inventory!