Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday in the Garden


It is a damp and very cloudy day here in the hills. I took some pictures of what is in bloom in the garden now but and I am afraid they show just how cloudy it is here and and are not the best pictures.

I am loving the bright late blooms of the Cardinal Flowers in the garden and would love to add more throughout the garden beds.

The Helenium’s are also looking well now and adding color. I bought them in a mixed lot so I do not know the name of this beauty. Anyone know?

The Blue Angelonia just keeps getting better.

The Bonica shrub roses are getting a new flush of blooms. Stay Away Beetles!!!

I also started a mixed package of Coleus from seeds into containers to set around in the shady beds that need color now.

It turned out to be a beautiful mix and I like them so well that I am planning to let some go to seed for next year.


There are more and more Butterflies showing up now and I love seeing them in the garden now. Still the bees are few which is sad.

The Rembrandt Dahlias are still blooming and looking pretty.

The bugs are enjoying them along with the butterflies. This one is sprouting legs and antennas. Smile

The new Banana Cream Daisy is giving out a couple of blooms.

Mesa Yellow Gaillardia blooms all season until frost.

Something tiny has been eating tiny holes n the coneflower petals.

Nora Leigh Phlox paniculata is blooming well now as some of the others are dropping their blooms.
And to the question does my David's phlox spread, delightfully the answer is yes.

David’s Lavender
David’s Lavender and David's White is the best phlox in my garden and are so far not getting powdery mildew like some of the other varieties.

A hanging basket on the front porch has Blackberry petunias blooming. They were grow from seed and I am not thrilled with the color. They are a little too black for my taste but you never know until you try something.

So that is a little of what is going on in my garden today.
How about yours?

Happy Gardening,



Janneke said...

The picture of the butterfly on the rose is stunning, so sharp.
Do you know I have the same Coleus mix from seed. I will soon show them on my blog, so funny. Your pictures are beautiful as always.

HolleyGarden said...

All so very pretty. But, I especially love the dahlias. I've never tried to grow these, but I do admire them in photos. Maybe one day I'll give them a try. Your cardinal flowers are so striking! What a gorgeous color. I like the black of the petunia, too. It looks quite pretty with those bright green leaves, and stands out well against your white house.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Everything looks wonderful in your garden.

And that butterfly is lovely.

It's 36 C right now, at just after yes, it's hot.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Lona Dawn, those flowers are simply gorgeous! I wish I had a cutting garden..I have flowers, but other than the roses..none for cutting! Hugs to you!

Nadezda said...

Lona, I see you grow many flowers from seeds, particularly petunias. I know it's difficult because its seeds are enough small.I love your dalias and helenium. Mine are in bloom as well. The coleus looks nice and I will try to grow it from seeds next spring, good idea!

Jeri Landers said...

I read that Cardinal flowers are good bog plants.I need about a zillion of them. I agree, don't care for the nearly black petunia... flowers should never be black!

Ilona E said...

Every time I visit your blog it cause me to sigh. All the beauty of your well planted and nurtured flowers! You take photographs that make me want to rush out and buy more plants.. each more lovely than the last.

As long as I stay far from the plant nurseries, this is the most economical way to indulge a desire for flowers.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

It must really be cloudy. Looks like you took some of the photos at night. But, you still have amazing colors!

Kalantikan said...

They are so beautiful, maybe moreso because your photos are great. I didn't know that coleus can thrive in very cold climates like yours. We have them here, so prolific in sunny climates.

Splendid Little Stars said...

beautiful flowers and plants, Lona!

Karen said...

Hello Lona, I'm so glad to drop in for a visit. I enjoyed reading the posts I've missed, even with the rain, you've got a gorgeous garden there, dear lady!

Our weather has turned quite cool already, down to low 50's tonight, and I too feel winter is just around the corner. Doesn't it seem as if we missed an entire month somewhere? I always get a little melancholy when the seasons change; the days are much shorter now.

I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps lately, and that doesn't help much either. Issues with meds and doctors and blah, blah, blah. I can't win, lol. Always a pleasure to visit you, Lona!

Stephanie said...

Hello Lona, love what these flowers are doing for your garden... they brighten the cloudy day!! Oh wow and those creatures... they make your garden livelier :-) Btw, I peeped at your older post and saw a Baltimore hibiscus. I going to check out now. Cheers, Stephanie

Jette Hollesen said...

Hvor er de smukke. Jeg tror de hedder paletplad. Disse fine kanter af grønt.
Venlig Hilsen