Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Signs of Spring


Hello Everyone!
Yesterday was such a beautiful day with a temperature of 70 degrees. My kind of day.
I got so much done I am sore all over this morning. LOL! Getting all those winter muscles broke in good. I was tired but it was a good tired. You all know those days.
Raked and cleaned off all the flower beds of oak leaves that always blow in and saw so many signs of spring buried beneath them. Along the woodland bed the daffodils and iris are growing.And in the other beds daffodils, hyacinths and tulips are starting to grow.


The Heritage White Hellebore is full of buds and I got the old brown leaves trimmed from them and others in the garden.
Got the yard mowed where the oak leaves were piled. Winter came so fast this year that I did not get the leaves all mulched up as I usually do in the fall. To say the least I got some crazy looks by passer byes while I was mowing. LOL!

Hellebore Heritage 

I even got the old car washed up and cleaned out from all the salt on it from this winter.
All in all a great day.
It is raining this morning and later changing to snow again. I am praying this is winters last  hurrah.
Everyone have a great week and…

Happy Gardening,



Balisha said...

Hi Lona,
Sounds like you are going to town in your garden. I know about sore muscles in the spring. I really have to hold back, so I can do it all again tomorrow. Enjoy! We are looking out our window at snow....AGAJN!

Patsy said...

It makes a gardener very happy to see a bud, (come on spring).
We are having a very windy day and it is a little cool, but we have lots of buds to.

Stephanie said...

Lona, white Hellebore? How interesting! Over here we have been experiencing extremely hot weather and drip spell. Oh why? In any case, I hope that the snow was really winter's a last hurrah. Keep warm and good job!

Nadezda said...

Nice first hellebore, Lona! Hope the snow ends and warm days start in your place. We have no snow, themps are higher and days are warmer, love this time!


Hooray Lona! I'm so glad you're getting spring weather. I hope the snow doesn't last. You've got gardening to do! Don't you love the feeling of a day spent in the garden? Sure the muscles are achy but the accomplishments make the pain with it. Take care and have a great weekend.

Jennifer said...

70 degrees! How I dream of such weather! Happy gardening to you too Lona!

Serenity Cove said...

Very few signs of spring here yet. I saw one hellebore bloom. Not even a crocus is blooming.
Now they are saying we could get some wintery weather Sunday night! Enough already!!!

Stephanie said...

Lona, re MH370, anyone of us/I (Malaysian) could be on that plant... it is still not found yet??? :-(

elaine said...

It feels great to be doing something outdoors after a long winter doesn't it. Soon there will be signs of spring everywhere.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

OMG ! Lona girl .. you are way ahead of me .. you see ground and signs of life!!! let alone how warm that was? wow! ... Hoping that will visit us soon too! Love seeing the hellebore!
Joy : )

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love sore gardening muscles. Sounds like a perfect day to me too Lona. Not sure when I'll get my beds cleaned off this year with my knee injury but I can't wait to do all the things you got accomplished today. From your previous post, looks like you've been productive indoors too (with the seed starting) Go Lona!