Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Yes, finally some beautiful weather that resembles Spring!
I have really enjoyed these warm days starting this week. I have enjoyed it so much out in the garden that I can hardly move.  All those unused muscles are aching and screaming at me at every turn or bend. LOL! But it is all worth it to be outdoors again doing what you wanted to do all those L-O-N-G cold Winter days.

Spring 2014
Now at least the trees and yard are starting to look like the décor on the front porch.

Rose Lake 2 Spring2014
Monday my daughter and I went for a long hike to Rose Lake to break in a few muscles.

I think Aspen was walking us rather than we were walking him.
He ran circles around us and pulled me up the trails. LOL!

It was warm on the trails at the state park but in the deep gorges there were still plenty of ice formations yet.

Rose Lake Spring2014
We could here ducks or geese in the area before we reached the lake, but when we got there none could be seen so maybe they were just passing through. The lake was calm and the deep water was green and pretty. A couple of young kids on Spring break from school were fishing along the banks.


Hellebores 4_1_2014
In the garden the Heritage Hellebores are finally opening…

and a few crocus are coming up.

The hyacinths are smaller this Spring and the leaf tips are browned from the cold. I see some of my Daffodils are not even forming buds. I need to give them some good soil conditioning and fertilizing or replace them this Fall.

Pump Redo2014

Yesterday I redone the water pump pond with a new liner and a new pump. I still have to tweak it and get some more rocks and plants to hide the liner and the water pump needs a new paint job but I am glad that the worst of it is over. I am getting too old for laying rocks so if it goes kaput I will have to just fill it in and plant more flowers. Hmmm…no I love hearing the water while on the porch in the summer evenings with a good book.


There are leaves budding out, which seems like over night, around in the woods and the woodland daffodils may give me a few blooms. Amazing what two very warm days in a row can do to get things growing. Tips of tulips are showing  along with the English Bluebells, so there are hopes of the gardens coming alive.

Everyone have a wonderful week and weekend ahead and…..

Happy Gardening,





Hi Lona, Hooray, it's finally spring. I'm so glad you're seeing signs of life and pretty flowers. Aspen is adorable. That look she's giving as you snapped the photo is just priceless. That frozen falls is amazing. Great capture. I love your pump. You don't need to paint it. It's prefect as it is, all vintage! Enjoy using those muscles. I can sympathize. :)

Patsy said...

Your hard work sure pays for your gardens are lovely each year.
Try bone meal for the Iris and daffodils it works for us.
For some reason the rabbits only eat the pansy blooms when I set them out in the fall and they come back in the spring.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Getting your pond ready is a good sign! Looks like a beautiful place for a hike. The hellebores are pretty. Don't get those here. Too much sun.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a GREAT post! A wonderful hike, and lovely blooms, plus your happy canine companion.

Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

Balisha said...

Lona....I can see spring popping up everywhere at your house. It won't be long before we are out everyday and after this long winter....we deserve some time in the sun.

A Garden of Threads said...

Oh my your garden looks wonderful, mine is still snow. But I did see snowdrops peeking out of the ice. Have a wonderful weekend in the garden.

Nadezda said...

Hi, Lona!
You can see leaves budding and I can imagine the smell they are doing--it's just smell of spring!
Love your hellebore, crocuses, hyacinths, hope your new pond liner will work long time, I know how difficult to change it, I did the same in my pond last summer. The photo of icy waterfall is stunning!

Indie said...

So nice to finally start seeing the signs of spring! I don't have anything up enough yet to even be close to blooming, but I discovered some pussy willows at our new house in our yard, so that was a treat. The lake looks like a lovely place for a hike!

Karen said...

Hi Lona, I'm so glad spring has finally sprung by you. We're still waiting, lol. The snow from last night's storm has melted today, so now if we can get rid of the huge banks by May, we'll be happy. I love your spring decor and the fountain. And look at that happy little adorable Aspen, what a cutie! I hear you on the aches and pains, though, I recently upped my walking routine a bit and I'm feeling it. Ouch! Have a great weekend, dear friend!

Stephanie said...

Hello Lona, that little crocus there is like you... slowly coming out from 'hibernation' hehe... Jokes aside, I hope all your arching will be gone soon and glad you had a good hike and good time with your daughter and Aspen. Btw the first pic, the decor with yellow ornaments,... it's so lovely!! Yes Welcome Spring!!!

lynn'sgarden said...

My hellebores are way behind yours. Buds just showing now. We are like 3 weeks behind it seems. Finally warm enough for me to be out and clean up the garden felt great!! Thanks for coming by my blog, Lona! Lynn ;D

Janneke said...

Hi Lona, I am glad you are still blogging, I don't know why but your posts did not show up on my dashboard anymore, so I thought for a long time you stopped blogging. So nice to hear and see that spring has arrived over there too. You live on a wonderful place for hiking, the water and frozen falls look lovely and that little Aspen is adorable as always.

HolleyGarden said...

It's so exciting to finally see spring at last! I envy you your hyacinths. I have planted them a few times, but they never come up for me! Anyway, good going on getting your pond fixed. I had a small fountain that has been broke for years. I am turning it into a planter this year! I miss the sound, but I think it will be a lot less trouble!