Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wonderful Springtime


It has been so long since my last posting. I hope everyone has been enjoying their spring and that your flower gardens are growing by leaps and bounds.
I think so many of my flowers in the  flowerbeds are into the ‘third year and leaping’. Some of the beds I am afraid are beginning to look like small jungles. Smile

Daffodils Side bedDaffodils
Daffodil Pink

Daffodil Orange
The daffodils and

Spring bloomsTulip Carrousel
tulips have come and gone.
Tulip China Town
”China Towne”

And so have the crocus.

Spring Bouquet
The primroses were so pretty and full this year.

Primrose Spring Bouquet
When I see them like this I want to plant even more of them.

Primroses Pink
As usual the Ohio weather has been so surprising this spring. We run the gambit of from the freezer to the oven and back again a few times. Eighties last week and then back to frost. Thankfully here on the hill the frost did not kill my Lilac blooms.

Lilac Bush 
The two huge bushes along the bank give off some wonderful fragrance throughout the yard. The blooms were fewer and smaller this year though I noticed, but I got to enjoy their fragrance if not the show anyway.
Missing were all of the butterflies again this spring.
The spraying of the Gypsy moths here the last two years was useless. The moths and bagworms are still here while the butterflies paid the price.

Lilac Bush Shed bed
Even the 3 year old Lilac bush gave me some blooms this spring.

Helebore White
The Lenten Roses were so pretty and now the bushes are growing so large. I wish they would hold their heads up for a better view.

Helebore Dark

Garden sign Spring2
I have all my annuals collected  that will go into the containers and boxes. Now to get them planted. Some sweet peppers and tomatoes will also be planted.
A lot of my garden work this spring went into trying to get my Rose Garden back into shape. The awful winter before this one killed so many bushes that I am working on replacing. They are planted now I am hoping they will grow. I had to resort to buying a couple replacements that were preserved with paraffin, which I said I would never do again because they just will not sprout for me. Fingers crossed on them.
And as usual the queen of “mobile plants” has been moving some again but don’t we all do that? Or is it just me?

Trial bed 2015 Phlox 
Down in the trial bed I have tall phlox and coneflowers coming up one on top of the other. (A few Columbines are still coming up) I just threw in all the saved seeds from the Phlox and Coneflowers last fall hoping they would grow. Well I got my wish. Now where to plant them all. LOL! I see the woodland garden will be a good place to plant some of those phlox plants. Also I have a corner bed I reworked which can use some color. The only problem is not knowing what color they will be blooming. The phlox seeds were all mixed together so they could be a mixture of pink, white and purple which will go with most of my garden plants anyway.
The coneflowers will be anyone's guess.Well who doesn’t like surprises anyway? I can always move them around later. And that  is what I do best. Smile
Also some Ohio friends brought back some seeds for me from Florida and I planted them there to get them started this spring.
{ Thank you Joe & Linda!}

Some of you who have become garden friends to me over the years have been on my mind even if I did not post any new postings. Some I have dropped by and read your blogs just to see how you have been. Life gets in the way of us all sometimes.

Marsh Marigolds
“Marsh Marigold”
And sometimes a flower that you have sent to me or mailed me seeds from will bloom and I am always thankful to have them to remember you by. They always bring a smile.

Magnolia Jane2
“Jane Magnolia”

I hope you are all enjoying the flowers in your gardens as much as I am this spring. I got to counting and the 17 year cicada  will be coming out here next year, so I am going to enjoy the garden this year because this girl will not step out of the house much for a few weeks next year. Gives me the shivers just to think about them flying into my hair and slitting my young trees. Smile

Everyone try to get those muscles back into shape and get out into those gardens you worked so hard to make.

Happy Gardening,



Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Lona! I'm glad you showed your flowers! You are right, we got some blogging friends, and when they don't write for a long time, it is noticeable.
I love your blooms, and tulips especially. I don't plant them in the ground because of squirrels and deer. Daffodils with pink centers are so lovely. There are lots of columbines in my garden. If you want, I'll collect the seeds in fall for you.
Happy gardening and Happy blogging!

Bernie H said...

Loved all the Tulips and Daffodils, which as you know I never to get to see here. Your Lilacs look lovely even if they have fewer blooms this year.

Shame about the lack of butterflies. Hopefully that will change next year.

It sounds as if you've been doing a bit of hard work getting your Rose Garden back to something you will be happy with. Fingers crossed your hard work will pay off.

Stephanie said...

Bluetts are cute as a button and the name so befitting. But the most wonderful are those yellow blooms. They look super marvellous. Brought a big smile to my face. Thank you, Lona! You have a blessed time in the garden and I am sure you are going have strong muscles soon ;-)

Nadezda said...

Lona, there are many blooms in your garden! love your striped tulips and Lenten rose. I'd love to have it too. About 'what color it will be' it's my problem always I don't know !

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

So good to see a post from you Lona. One filled with lovely blooms from your gardens.

Summer has already settled in down here in s.e. FL. Hot and humid.

Enjoy being out in your gardens, they are good for our hearts, bodies and souls.


Victoria Williams said...

Lovely quote! Your garden is looking great. Life does get in the way of blogging, doesn't it? But it's so glorious to have spring arrive again every year and help us get back out into our gardens.

Patsy said...

Always happy to see you back and your lovely garden is so full of color. A happy place!

Kay said...

Hi Lona. The flowers are beautiful! I don't have a lot of room for flower gardens in my yard, plus I've gotten lazy in my old years and don't really feel like taking care of them. But I love looking at them.

You asked about the oil equipment in Mentryville, CA. Yes this area is owned by the city of Santa Clarita and this is now an historical site.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.