Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I am in Love


Hello Friends.
I do not know about where you live but here in
Ohio it has been in the fifties for two days and after those eighty degree plus days it  just flat out feels cold.

Clematis Little Mermaid6
I planted this Clematis vine last fall so this is the first time it has bloomed for me in the Rose Garden.
And I am in love…. Red heart

Clematis Little Mermaid3
“Little Mermaid” has such a fantastic dark pink color on its petals.

Clematis Little Mermaid
Near the center there is a ting of purple.

Clematis Little Mermaid2
I first saw this  pretty on Pinterest and I loved the unusual pink color in the pictures shown of it. Sometimes (or a lot of times) you do not get the color flower blooms that are hoping for or are shown in the pictures  when buying plants, but this one is true to the pictures of it.

Clematis Little Mermaid4
(My pictures are not the best with my worn out camera)
The blooms do not hang on as long as other clematis vines but I think this one is going to be my favorites.

Clematis Florida Sieboldii
But this “Florida Seiboldii” could change my mind. It just gets prettier each year. The vines are not as leafy as other clematis vines so the blooms look like they are floating in air sometimes.
It is has such lovely blooms that last a long time.

Clematis Florida Seibolii2

Clematis Josephine4
I bought this clematis vine under a different name from an online gardening site. How many of you have saw the same plants sold under different names??
Anyway her true name is “Josephine” and she is three years old.
It has big double pink and white blooms and it is just loaded this spring.

Clematis Josephine2
Despite the silly weather (it is Ohio after all) my garden in flourishing this year so far, with many plants blooming earlier.

Clematis Josephine
These are three of my earliest blooming clematis vines and my favorites. I have a few that bloom a little later.

The gnomes have returned and Hens and Chucks are growing in the fabulous Hypertufa pot I got for a dollar last year at the local Library.

Gnome Bed Ajuga Burgandy Glow
The little log house in it was purchased at the Country Living Fair last fall just for it. The “Burgundy Glow” Ajuga groundcover is spreading nicely around the Gnomes home under the Maple tree along the front walkway.

Gnome Garden2 Ajuga Burgandy Glow
The neighbors living across the way (the sidewalk) to the Gnomes are the ‘Fairy family’.
They got a new Barberry bush added to the landscape and they are quite pleased with how it looks.

Fairy Garden 2015
What are some of your favorite vines or clematis?
Do you have a fairy or gnome garden?

Dicentra Bleeding Hearts

I hope you all are having a lovely week and are able to enjoy your flowers and gardens now that the work is getting done in them. We should not get so caught up with the work that we cannot enjoy the beauty.

Happy Gardening,



Kalantikan said...

I hope sending cold to another country or continent is as easy as sending packages or mails. We are at the height of our El Nino-affected dry season and at 36C the heat index is 40.1C! I am sure those people like you in the temperate countries cannot imagine how that feels, i tell you it is like a modified hell, haha! Your clematis are all beautiful just like the photos, but i love most that trellis which i am sure will be best also for my hoyas.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Lona ~ I wish I could grow clematis. Yours are all beautiful. My favorite is the 'Florida Seiboldii' Clematis.

Enjoyed your fairy and gnome gardens, really happy and sweet.

Enjoy the rest of your week, it was good reading a post from you.


Nadezda said...

Lovely clematis Lona, especially the first one, pink!
My favorite clematis in my garden in "President" variety. It blooms from July till fall.

RobinL said...

Well it's about time you were sent the right variety of plant! Those clematis are just to die for. The Florida one makes me drool!

Lynn said...

Your clematis are gorgeous. I'm going to have to look out for Mermaid the next time I'm visiting a nursery.

Patsy said...

Love your little garden people, as always things look great in
your big people garden. We have now gotten in the 90's
but still to much rain.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl .. I am late getting to you .. a lot going on with the BIG redo of the flagstone paths in the garden .. rain days keep extending the time to finish it as well .. but we need the rain so I am not complaining ... June has become May ? LOL
I absolutely adore your clematis .. I have Little Mermaid too but she hasn't flowered yet .. I am patient though !
Vines are a lot of work .. I had to take out my chocolate vine and next will be the Bittersweet because they need constant pruning .. BIG sigh !
Your gnome and Fairy gardens are just too cute ! .. I think I am more of a gnome fan for some reason but they are both adorable : )
Have a great weekend girl .. we are supposed to have good weather so fingers crossed !
Joy : )

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The fairy gardens are adorable. The clematis is WOW!!! I lost my clematis in the drought. Haven't decided to replant one yet.

Anonymous said...

That Pinterest is a dangerous place! I get way too many ideas from there. I saw your 'Mermaid' clematis out there & loved it too (but so far have resisted!!!) Florida Sieboldii tho, is drop dead gorgeous. I might have to put that one on my wish list!
I was reading thru your latest posts. Sorry about all the problems at your house & your Mom's. I hate stuff like that and it all seems to come at once for some reason? Hope it's smoothed out now so you can catch up. Summer came and went way too fast, didn't it?? and here we go again into our least favorite season ~ winter! Take care Lona & enjoy what's left of the gardening season. I am putting things in the basement now just like you!