Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Crazy Fall Weather

This has been such a strange October in the Hills. The weather has generally been very warm. We did have one very cold three days in the first part of October, and then it was up in the upper eighty's. To say the least it has really confused our Spring blooming plants and shrubs. Some of the ground phlox is trying to bloom again and the vinca minor.
It has the three Rhododendron Bushes in my yard coming out in bud. They believe that Spring is here.

This Red Rhododendron I have had for over thirty years. It was a gift and do not know the name. It has been very hardy in our zone 5 and is beautiful when in bloom.

This is what it looks like at full bloom in the Spring. Does it looks familiar to anyone?

Also my Yellow Capistrano Rhododendron is trying to bloom.

This is the beauty in the Spring. I am not fond of Yellow but this has the most beautiful flowers and blooms a little earlier than the other two Rhododendron's.

I have never had the problem of them trying to bloom in the Fall before. I fear they will be ruined and not have very many blooms when Spring does come around. Has anyone ever had this problem before and what was the results?

Happy Halloween and Goodbye October!

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