Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas From the Hocking Hills

Merry Christmas From the Hocking Hills !

Alas, it is in the fifties, the sun is shinning and it sounds as though we
are going to have a Brown Christmas here in the Hocking Hills. What is
it about us cold climate states that we just love to have our snow and
a white Christmas?
Maybe it is just the idea of white snow making everything look clean
and new. It is not often that the area children getting sleds for
Christmas get to try them out. If they can hold out until January,
then they will not be disappointed here in Southeastern Ohio.

I guess in this "new" age I am not politically correct in saying the
word Christmas, but to thine own self be true.
And if you are offended, then well have a Merry Boo-Hoo!

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