Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Year

It seems the New Year has decided to come in with a vengeance
here in the Hocking Hills. There may have only been a few inches
of snow, but with the fierce winds that few inches has become large
snow drifts blocking paths, sidewalks, and roadways. The wind chill
makes one grit their teeth as they step outside. Living here upon the
hill-tops, looks can be deceiving. Up here it can look as though a
blizzard is raging and as you travel down off of the hills into the valley
it can seem mild by comparison. The snow starts sticking here first,
so we always have more snow and of course more wind with the
storms. It is a different climate zone all together.
Since the great outdoors is not calling my name (if it is, this girl
is not listening) and not luring me to come out of the house, so the
last two days have been spent in my other addiction, Genealogy.
Tired of dreaming over the many Seed catalogs and Springs planning,
I turned my attention to searching through old newspaper archives.
When happened upon this 1928 ad from the now non-existing
Cussins & Fearn Store, I had to smile and, yes, once again my
attention was brought right back to gardening.
The old Cussins & Fearn Stores were local hardware stores that were
patronized by many in their day.
This particular ad is a gardeners dream come true. If only we could
get the same products today for the same prices. (Sigh)
Back then the prices were most likely high, for the wages one was paid
and for the farmer trying to feed and raise a family.
The products would be antiques today, bringing good prices on Ebay.

To get four Roses for a dollar, shrubs for twenty-nine cents, and since
handles in hoes and shovels do not hold up to my prying, fifty-
six cents would be very welcome.

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