Sunday, January 13, 2008

Potato Vines

Purple Potato vines are wonderful in window boxes, and I always add
them every Summer.The blooms are beautiful and the vines are very
forgiving when forgotten a watering and then saturated from the down pour
from the roof above. They just keep on going.

Usually new ones are boughten every Spring because of a lack
of sunny windows and the knowledge of how they may survive over-
wintering. So this fall I decided to experiment with them and dug them up
before the freeze. I trimmed away all of the foliage and kept only the tubers
from them and planted them in a container to see if they will sprout out and
survive in the house this winter. They are starting to grow back out now and
I am holding my breath that they will continue to grow until this Spring.

Pinching them back may also help keep them in from getting too long
and leggy before then. If it works then this Fall they will all be coming
inside for the Winter.
The weather has been so mixed of late that we are getting touches
of the coming Spring, with the temperatures in the sixties and thunder
storms. This coming week will bring us back into the knowledge that winter
is very much still here as snow flurries are in the forecast.

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