Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter In The Hocking Hills

Winter in the Hills can be a wondrous sight,
Gleasoning with the snow looking pure and white.
With splashes of red from the Cardinals dressed in their finery,
Red berries of the Sassafras and Sumac add color to the scenery.
The White Oaks and Poplar dressed in black bark ,rising in grander,
Ice crystals building upon the brooks banks as the waters meander.
Great icicles formed on hillsides rocked walls, sparkling in the suns glow,
And pillars of ice looking like marble from frozen waterfalls that flow.

The Hocking Hills Winter Hike that is held every January
would have loved to have had this scenery this month.
Over 3,000 hikers braved the cold this year but the ice
formations were few because of earlier warmer weather
and there was no snow cover for them. Many of the hikers
return every year to participate and know how beautiful
the scenery can be in the caves, cliffs, waterfalls, and hollows.
Some More Winter Scenery.
An Old Stump
Sitting in the Snow
Beautiful to Look at but not to Sit On
The Bird's Paint Colors in the Snow

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