Thursday, February 21, 2008

Junk Flower Gardening

I have been "Junk" flower gardening for years and have
just learned that it has become the newest gardening fad
and rage that is going around. Rust is in style and now so
am I without even trying. If you live long enough everything
will eventually come in style. What is old becomes the new.

My son does not throw anything away anymore. He just
says "Mom will probably want this to plant flowers in".

Whether it is tiny holes in the old grill making it unsafe for
fire or the broken lid on the mailbox the flowers do not care.

The ladder is handy for extra flowers and it also hides
the water well pipe.

What else would you do with an old well pump but
make a water pond and fountain.

" Cares Melt When You Kneel In Your Garden "

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