Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ready To Kiss February Goodbye

Gripe, gripe, grumble, grumble!
I am so ready to kiss February Goodbye. This has been
the never ending month with its never ending days of Winter!
It has been full of surprises from Tornado warnings to deep freeze.
Thunder and wind, then drifting snow. Rain, ice and sleet. This
year February has had it all. Not only has it plagued the Hocking Hills
with all of its extremes, we also have to endure an extra day of it
because of Leap Year. I just want it to be gone along with its
weird weather.

Even the Garden Statues are sick of February.

My Bunny Garden Keeper is having a hard time of watching
the Garden with all of the snow in her eyes.

All Right-tee Then! Venting is over and I feel Better.

" For This Too Shall Pass "
Goodbye February!!!!

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.
-Anne Bradstreet-

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Tom said...

Hi Lona-

Thanks for the Link! Great blog you have here!

Tom @ Ohio Nature