Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lambs and Lions, Oh My!

March has decided to come in like a "Lamb". After all of the
changeable weather that we experienced during February, I for one
was hoping for it to come in like a "Lion" in the rare hope that when
Winter finally decided to leave it would do us all the huge favor of
staying gone.
Sounds good in theory but we all know "weather will happen"
and whatever does come we will have to accept and hope that our
flower gardens will be adaptable to the rare or occasional surprise. I
just hope we do not to see a repeat of Spring of the year 2005 when
all of the Spring Flowers and leafing trees here in the Hocking Hills got
covered with snow. It was so unreal looking at Tulips, Lilacs and
green leaves covered in white snow. It was such a contrast in
nature and even pretty in its own way. It melted off and the flowers
and leaves seemed to survived it all quite well with no lasting effects.

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