Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Typical March

This week has been a typical March week. One minute
the sun is shining and the next we had big fluffy snow
flakes flying on the wind. It has decided to warm up a
little so this is good news. The Spring flowers are growing
now quiet nicely and we cannot wait to see them bloom.
The Buzzard's have returned to Ohio which they do about
March 15th of every year. When I happen to look out the
back door to my surprise there was one eating some left-
over pizza that was thrown out to the cat. It must have been
very hungry to come so close to the house. A Bald Eagle has
been spotted at Lake Logan in the Hocking Hills. We hope it
decides to stay around.

The experiment with the potato vines has been going really well.
It was my first time trying to propagate them. More experienced
Gardeners probably know that you can stem root them in water
and even carry them over throughout the winter very easily,
but I am learning.
Now from one plant I have created six more and can get as many
growing as needed.Everyone will most likely be getting a potato
vine this May.

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