Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Showers

April Showers are here in the Hocking Hills. Although I truly
believe they arrived two weeks prior to April.

This is my first year at attempting to germinate my own
seeds and starting them indoors for the flowerbeds. I have
planted so many packets of seeds directly only to have them
not sprout or grow at all.
It was just a waste in this old clay soil that is all around us here
in the Hills. So I purchased this little Greenhouse which I am
discovering is working out well to germinate the seeds and it
also provides humidity for the plants. It will be an added
bonus to help over-winter plants in the winter for the next
planting seasons.

Every Spring I spent too much on flowers for all of the beds and
containers that just seem to keep growing in number every year.
So if the plants all survive my learning attempts it will save money,
which will most likely go to more containers, planters and the junk
gardening ideas. It is an unending, vicious circle but, hey, can one
have "too"many flowers?

The answer to that old question may turn out to be "Yes"
because I am also learning that maybe I should not have
planted that whole packet of Geranium, Petunia and Verbena
seeds. The three packets of Impatiens will fit in all of the shady
areas in the yard, but "My Lands" where do I put them all until
it is warm enough to plant them! Yes, my plants are slowly taking
over the house.Hopefully warm weather will come early to the
Hills and stay around. Also I have learned that even with the self
watering trays and the greenhouse that I probably should not
purchase anymore Osteospurmum seeds because only two
seedlings have survived and I need to try to find out what I did
wrong to cause their young demise.

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