Saturday, April 19, 2008

April At Her Best

April has been at her best this week.
She has delayed her showers and has given
us some sunny, warm days. The tree's are
starting to bud their leaves to begin blanketing
the Hills in green. The lawn mowers are being
heard throughout the neighborhood and yards
are being spruced up. Yesterday was spent
cleaning up the flowers beds and adding new
mulch. Everyone is busy getting as much done
as possible before the April Showers start again.

Here are some pictures of Roses and Shasta Daisy's
taken after a rain shower.

Laughing Rose

If I were gusty April now,
How I would blow at laughing Rose;
I'd make her ribbons slip their knots,
And all her hair come loose.

If I were merry April now,
How I would pelt her cheeks with showers;
I'd make carnations, rich and warm,
Of her vermilion flowers.

Since she will laugh in April's face
No matter how he rains or blows --
Then O that I wild April were,
To play with laughing Rose.

William Henry Davies

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