Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Tulips Are In Bloom

Some of the Tulips are in full bloom now.
They look so pretty beside the Looking Glass
Brunnera that is also coming into bloom.

I planted some Black Tulips just to see what they
would look like. I am not so thrilled with how they look.
Maybe if they had some white ones planted along with
them they would look better?

The different shades of Pink Tulips are bright and pretty.

Maybe this bright Yellow Tulip would go with the
Black Tulips. Call it my Bumble Bee tulip patch.

The Yellow and Red Tulips are the ones that have
survived for years and are very hardy bulbs. They
have survived where so many others that were
planted have came up with just the foliage and no flower.
Every Fall the ones that do not flower have to be replaced.

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