Friday, May 9, 2008

Dogwood Day's

Last weekend the traffic was heavy in the Hocking Hill's
State Park's area. The Dogwood's are in full bloom along
with other flowering tree's and wildflowers and the hillside's
are alive in color.

The weather was so warm and nice that a walk in the
wood's behind the house was called for. There are only
a couple of dogwood's behind the house but they were
beautiful. The May Apple's are growing and the fern's
are unfurling there leaves. While walking around some
interesting items were found that were lovely in their
setting in the shady pine area of the wood's.

This stump shows that after the fell of this tree nature
takes over and makes a home for other life in the woods.
The moss was so pretty covering the stump that remains.

Even this stump that has been a feast for the Woodpecker's
has beauty and texture its natural setting amongst the ferns
and the new growth of young oak saplings.

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