Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you hard working Mom's.
It is a cool, rainy and very windy Mother's day here in the
Hill's. Yesterdays sunshine did allow for catching up on lawn
mowing and getting some dividing and planting of some Spring
flowers. Also I found some volunteer Jack Frost Brunnera plants
coming up and moved then to a newly redesigned flower bed
between the house and garage. I have come to love this flower
with its bright blue flowers.

Also the Yellow Capistrano Roddie is in full bloom now.
It always blooms before my Red and Lilac Roddie's. I was
afraid their blooms would be ruined for this Spring from
when they were trying to bloom last Fall from the
unusual weather that we had.After such a dry Summer
going into a cold,wet few days and back to hot again, my
Roddies were really confused and tried to bloom again.
But they seem to be blooming quite well.

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