Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Honey Locust Trees

The Honey Locust tree's are in their splendor
now. They are so loaded with blooms and the
bee's, butterflies and hummingbird's are loving it.

We are losing a lot of our Honey Locust tree's here
to insect infestation. Many of the trees are dying and
by midsummer their leaves will be turning brown and
riddled by the insects.

On a vacation trip to Pennsylvania about 20 years ago,
I noticed that their locust trees were dying and their
leaves were all turning brown. At the time our trees
here were not suffering. Then on a trip up into
Holmes County, Ohio about 10 years ago I saw the
same thing was infecting their trees that I had saw
in Pennsylvania. The insect infestation is spreading
rapidly and arrived here in the Hocking Hill's about
4 years ago. I hear so much about the borer that
is killing the elms and the radical effort to stop it but
have heard very little on the ways to stop the insects
that are killing our locust trees.

The Iris are blooming also. Despite the cool, wet
weather we have been having, the flowers and
trees seem to be out doing themselves in blooms.
It is such a relief to see so many blooms after last
Springs disappointment when a late freeze ruined
the blooms for all of my hydrangea's leaving not a
one of my bushes to bloom all summer. This Spring
there are many buds forming on the hydrangea's.
Since we are usually safe here after May 18th of
frost and freezes it looks to be a Summer full of
wonderful flowers.

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