Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Beauty of Rhododendron's

The automobile traffic was heavy in this area of
the Hocking Hill's this Memorial weekend.
The weather decided to cooperate and bless us
with sunshine and warm temperatures.
The weekend was spent getting the window boxes and
planters filled with new flowers that were grown
from the new mini greenhouse.
(Note to self: You do not have to plant the whole
packet of seeds for every flower).
I found that I have more flowers than pots to plant
then in, but I "Will" find a place for them one way or
another. If not, then " Mom would you like a new
flower bed?"

The Rhododendron's are in full bloom now and
they are so beautiful. The big, brilliant blossom's
color up this shady bed that is between the
house and the garage. If they would get them
to bloom all summer long, wouldn't that be great!
The red Rhoddy is very old and is starting to look
thin from lose of it's limbs. I have try to propagate more
from it from cuttings but have no success so I am
going to attempt to try seeds next to get more plants
from it before the bush is lost.

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