Monday, June 2, 2008

June : A Busy Month For Blooms

June is bursting out all over with blooms upon blooms.
Things are coming into bloom fast now, especially since the
warm night temperatures have arrived. It has been a bizarre
Spring in Ohio with a record cool weather all the month of May.
Despite the weather the flowers are starting to bloom now
all around the house.
The clematis, peony, iris and the roses are starting to unfurl.

There are two clematis vines that are in bloom now.

Silver Moon Clematis

This clematis lives up to its name and appears a
silvery or light gray color. It does well in shady areas
which is what was needed since there are so many shady
areas in the yard.

This Clematis has been around the house for so
long the name has been lost, but it never lets me
down to its hardiness and beauty.

Pink Sorbet Peony
This Peony just gets more beautiful every year.

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