Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hocking House Fine Craft Gallery Open House

The Hocking House Fine Craft Gallery is having it's 14th annual open house from
Saturday,June 27 through Sunday,June 29 from Noon until 5 p.m. It is located on 664
four miles south of Logan at the corner of State route 664 and Big Pine Road.
I was familiar with Jean's work from her displays at the Logan Clay Factory, but this
was my first year to attend the open house. I was in awe at all of the beauty and craftsmanship
of Jean Magdich clay sculptures, stepping stones, garden furnishings, and flowers that was
displayed throughout her gardens surrounding her home and the old Hocking House Log
Cabin which was built around 1850's. The grounds
are surrounded by many shade loving annuals and perennials among which are giant ferns
and hostas. Scattered about are also impatiens, torenia, ivy, lilies, coleus, and caldium
mixes. There were so many different flowers, shrubs and vines all woven into garden rooms
and pathways.To mention a few:geraniums, roses, lobelia, daisy, coneflowers, cactus,
hydrangea, honeysuckle, verbena and herbs. Amongst all of the flowers is the clay
sculptures and stepping stones that line pathways and create patio's. The clay sculptures
are whimsical and seem to greet and welcome you to look around.
There are clay sculpture seating, planters, animals, among some are giraffes, turtles,
bats, frogs, snails, lizards,insects, cranes and I even saw some dragons around. The tiered
patio holds flowers and clay figures and the corner water feature has its share of clay accents.
It really has to be seen to discover all of the wonderful hidden treasures that are everywhere
in the different garden areas.
Jean Magdich has worked with clay pottery for 30 years
and her workmanship and artwork has recently gained recognition when it was featured
in the Nature's Garden Summer 2008 edition of Better Homes and Gardens. A four page
article on "An Artist's Garden" pictured her work. Jean has her work in a gift shop
located in the Hocking House Log Cabin. She has a website at

The Hocking House

Here are a few pictures of some of her work that was on display.

Lovely Seating

Whimsical Clay Sculptures



Enjoy more pictures from the open house.

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