Monday, July 7, 2008

Junk Gardening Projects

Junk Gardening has been around my flower gardens long before
the new Junk Gardening fad became the new "in" thing and so popular.
My family jokes at not throwing anything away before they ask if I want it
to plant flowers in. Garden Web has a Junk Gardening forum at that I
frequently visit to get inspiration from other gardeners. It never
ceases to amaze me at the ingenuity and imagination that some people
have to create fantastic new creations out of items that you would
never think would be of any good or reuse for anything.

Here are a few of the new garden junk projects that were added
to my home this summer.

The two sections of old worn fence were made by Ohio Amish.
They are wonderful for using in seasonal displays that hide eye
sore areas around the house. This one hides the cistern filter and
the ugly rain barrel.

These are Tipsy Pots.
This idea was found on the Garden Web
Junk forum. Since starting my own flowers indoors this winter
and having an over supply of them, I had to come up with some
new ways for displaying them all.

I have been wanting a potting bench for a few years now and
this summer decided to build my own. The potting bench was made
from an old door and scrap lumber. The window shutters adds
some nice decoration to it, and there has to be a hanging basket of
of flowers hanging in the window.
This week I made and added a small window
box under the window on the back of the bench. So now of course
flowers are growing on the potting bench. The Mailbox was
painted and given to me from a cousin. It was too pretty to put
mail in and for someone to take a baseball bat to, so it holds
very nicely the small hand gardening tools, scissors and twine.

Now there is plenty of room to pot flowers and store
gardening supplies beside the mini greenhouse. It will
be a great help for years to come and will save a lot of
back bending.

Also just a note, as soon as you take an old rake that is
seldom ever used and decorate it for a garden junk
display to use as a trellis for your climbing rose; it will
be needed for an emergency such as raking dirt from the
drain pipe that had to be dug up.

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pogonip said...

All wonderful ideas. I especially like the added window box on the potting bench--very clever, Lona!