Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red, White, Blue & Purple

While looking over the flowers in the different beds around the yard one
thing becomes clear, I always get flowers that are red, blue, pink, purple
and add touches of white throughout to brighten the shadier areas.
There are very few yellows in my flower beds and no oranges. In fact orange
colors offend my senses somehow. Maybe in the deep recesses of my
subconscious a gag reflex kicks in that naturally stirs me away from the
oranges,browns, yellows,and drab olive greens of the late 60's and 70's. Yuk!
Now that I have dated myself as mature (ahem!), it was what it was.
One did not have to like it though. In fact I thought all the screaming and
fainting over the caterwauling of the Beatles was laughable.So does
that put me in the 2% category?
I just prefer the warmer or royal colors of the rainbow.

The newest addition to the rose collection, the Red Double
Knockout Rose is now blooming, and it is a beauty. Best of
all it is disease resistant and blooms repeatedly.

This Spring I discovered two flowers in the local garden
center that somehow had escaped me in previous years,
Torenia and Lobelia.

Duchess Light Blue Torenia

Blue Moon Lobelia

The Blue Moon Lobelia has the truest and brightest shade of blue.
It is such an eye catcher with its tiny blooms.

Also now blooming in the flower beds are:

Snow Sport Achillea

Purple Clustered Bellflower

And White Balloon Flower Platycondon

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