Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blending In

It has been hot and extremely dry here in the Hocking
Hills, so watering the flowerbeds is something that has
been needed every other day. While the containers
and pots have to be watered everyday. The hot air and
wind upon this hill dries them out very fast.

While watering one of the flowerbeds a movement
caught my eye and on my gladiolas flower stems a
Praying Mantis was trying to blend in and was doing
a very good job of it until my spraying of water caused
him to take off.

Caught a picture of it sitting parallel with the stems
and if it was just sitting would be very hard to see if
not for the wire plant support.
A sure sign that Fall is just around the corner is the
size of it.

Another catch with the camera was this Toad or
Frog that has been enjoying the water fountain.
When I get close it jumps into the water and hides
up under the rocks below the water.
It blends in very well with the moss and the texture
of the rock while sitting still.
As well it better because the neighbors
Cats and the wild Raccoons like to drink from the
the water and it may become one of their lunches.

1 comment:

lzyjo said...

Aww, that's so cool! Your frogs have really got it made! Beautiful landscaping and lush, lush ferns. Ain't life grand. I love seeing toads, it gives my good vibrations, I feel like it means the earth is healthy. I've been thinking about building a little wildlife pond for the frogs. I'm just not sure where to put it so it doesn't become a booby-trap.