Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hot Pink For Hot August Days

The Red Crape Myrtle Bush is blooming earlier this year
and it has been doing well. I call it a bush because it
does not get to the tree or large shrub stage here in Ohio.
The harsh winters causes it to die back to the ground each
year. A cousin from Tennessee gifted me with two of them
about seven years ago. One completely died but this one is
sheltered by the garage from the wind and it is able to receive
the morning sun all year so maybe it was protected better.

Although it dies back in the winter its roots are spreading so
that it does get wider each year if not taller. It is adding great
color to these hot August days.

This Alpenglow Hydrangea just keeps getting prettier.
As it the bloom gets older the shade gets deeper. This is
the first year it has bloomed and I love it.

The new Forever & Forever Pink Hydrangea is keeping
up to its name. Though small in size it is a beauty.

Tall, pink Adonis Phlox.
This one has gone from the creeping to the leaping stage
and the fragrance is so sweet and strong.

Pink Argyranthemum

And Echinacea Conflowers


spookydragonfly said...

I absolutely love that Aspenglow Hydrangea! I'll have to get me one now!! Are you still being plagued by the Japanese beetles over in Hocking County?...or are they all here in Carroll County?!

chey said...

Those pinks are so pretty! One of my favorite shades in the garden. The Aspenglow Hydrangea is a beauty!

Beth said...

The Aspenglow is LOVELY. I have never seen that variety. What zone are you? I'm afraid it might now survive my zone 4. That is an absolute beauty ...

Hocking Gardener said...

The Alpenglow Hydrangea goes to zone 5.It might not make it in your zone 4 without protection.