Friday, August 1, 2008

Memories of Making Hollyhock Dolls

How many little girls these days know how to
make Hollyhock Dolls?

I have very fond memories of making Hollyhock dolls with my
Grandma, "Nanny".
Nanny had the nicest garden and I can close my eyes and
still see her wearing her bonnet and the apron that she always
wore around the house and out in the garden. Oh my, that apron
had so many practical uses. Hankies in the pocket for our noses
and tears, a safety pin for sudden repairs, and the skirt of it was
right handy when she did not have enough hands to carry
Nanny had Hollyhock's and Hibiscus around her garden fence
and at the corners of the big old porch than ran three-fourths
of the way around the house.
{I also have some not so good memories of sliding across that old
porch and getting a three inch splinter across the bottom of my
foot, but that is another story}.

We would sit out on that old porch and she would show us how
to make dolls from
the blooms from the Hollyhock's and her
Hibiscus. Using one open
flower for the skirt and attach a closed
bud with a toothpick for
the head. Another opened blossom could
be attached for a big bonnet.
We would sometimes add toothpick
or legs, or even use more closed buds for arms and legs.
imaginations would run free and we would spend hours
around with the dolls.

I did not always have Hollyhock's or Hibiscus here at my home,

but I did have Rose of Sharon bushes, so I used the Rose of
Sharon blooms to show my
daughter how to make flower dolls.

Now I have Hollyhock's and Hibiscus in my gardens and every
year when they bloom I get nostalgic and think of Nanny and
making Hollyhock dolls.

I hope there are Mothers and Grandmothers still today that
are passing on simple memories to their daughter by the making
Hollyhock dolls.

Hollyhock Dolls


Kanak Hagjer said...

Beautiful post! I guess with flowers memories are usually sweet. That pink is very pretty!

chey said...

I've never heard of hollyhock dolls. What a beautiful memory to have! They are very striking.

Bonnie said...

I posted this summer about hollyhock dolls, glad someone else shares those fond memories.