Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Annuals Save Late Summer Gardens

The gardens are wending down now and some
of the flowers have ran their course for the Summer.
There are some Falls flowers beginning to add some
new color to the gardens but annuals are still the
work horses that are adding color to barren spots
in the flower beds and containers.

These are some of the annuals that are still going
strong in my garden.

Two new Geraniums added to my containers
this Summer were:

Gardeners Joy Geranium

Imperial Geranium

Amethyst Browallia

Scarlet Morning Glory


Burgundy Potato Vine


Ohio experienced category 1 hurricane winds Sunday
across the state left over from Hurricane Ike that hit Texas
and the Gulf area.
75 mile an hour winds in Ohio is a very
rare thing and it has devastated the state. More than a
million homes were without electricity after the winds
broke limbs and uprooted trees upon lines,cars and homes.
Two deaths that I heard of occurred from falling trees.
It will take over a week to get all of the electricity back
on to schools, homes and businesses. And although it
has caused destruction and loss we still cannot compare
it too the devastation that Texas is going through now.
We do however now know and have a greater respect
as to what it must have felt like to go through the winds
that they must have suffered from Hurricane Ike.

Our hearts go out to them all.

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spookydragonfly said...

Love those top two photos of the geraniums, I've never seeen those varieties before. Your Coleus looks very healthy, mine didn't fair too well this year. Sunday here in Carroll County...we watched the storm under the cover of our porch...witnessed the fall of a couple large trees...one cracked and fell right into the pond. We maintained power as most others around us lost it.