Friday, September 12, 2008

Anemone Fight

The Japanese Anemone's are in bloom now and adding
some new color to the shade garden. It is always nice to
have something new in bloom to look upon at this late
time of Summer and going into Autumn. Because it
blooms in shady areas and is a very easy perennial to
grow it makes it a must have flower for every shade

Even the bees are excited to have some new blossoms to
feed from. At one time there
were three Bumble Bee's trying to get onto this one
blossom. This must have really been a sweet bloom because
they were being very greedy and practically fighting each
other to find a spot on it.

This Japanese Anemone is a single pink bloom called

This Japanese Anemone was introduced to the new shade
garden that I created this Spring. It is a double
pink petal called "Queen Charlotte"
. It was place among
Ferns, Astillbe, and Foam Flowers.

I lost the name of the one below but it is a double bloom.
It looks similar to "Prinz Heinrich", but I do not recall
purchasing one by that name.
Does anyone know its name?

Japanese Anemone's contain a toxin that can cause blisters
on the skin and mucus membranes. The toxin is most
concentrated when the plant is flowering. Personally I have
had no problem with the plant but I have no problem with
poison ivy either, so if your skin is sensitive you might not want
it in your shade garden.

Also Stello de Oro Day Lily is starting to bloom again.

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Blackswamp_Girl said...

Hey, I have a double Japanese anemone called 'Party Dress'... does that sound familiar?

Love your photos, by the way. You do a great job of showing off the plants!