Monday, September 8, 2008

Masked Bandit's Hit The Hocking Hills

There have been masked bandits making their appearance in
the Hocking Hills. A glimpse of them can be seen about
the time that the sun goes down and the moon is slowly rising to
light the night sky.
That is about the time they begin to sneak around the house to
scope out what they can steal. The degenerates are even teaching
their children their thieving ways.

No, these are not the two legged types of scoundrels but
they are the four legged, four fingered, and sometimes
upon confrontation, the "hissing bandits".

There are what I believe is "Maw Coon" and her three "Wee
Coon's" roaming around our house looking for the goods to steal.
I had to take the bird feeders down because
they were finding a way to get to them and steal all of the seed
from the "Bird family", but they can be forgiven because they
are hungry too and you have to keep your family fed.
They can be quite agile and may have back-grounds in acrobatics.
Hanging by their back legs and stretching to get to the birdseed.
If they cannot reach the goods then they will resort to destruction
of private property in the attempt to find a way to get the bird
feeder tipped and knock all of the seed upon the ground.
They have even been known to take down the feeders that are
wired to a tree limb.
Two of the suet feeders came up missing and one was finally found
caught on a bush at the edge of the woods. Where the other ended
up heaven only knows and the Bandit's are not spilling their guts
and confessing to the crime, and the Bird family are not snitching.

They come and drink from the small pond and water fountain
beside the house, which I do not mind. I enjoy watching them
but the frogs that were living there are now gone and
one does not put gold fish in there anymore.
Now, I will confess that they may be innocent of this
crime and the neighbor's cats may have been the guilty parties,
since they also come to get a drink from the pond.

They are the cleverest, thieving scoundrels at times.
The trashcan has a lever that locks the lid down,
but they have figured out how to get the lid off and
get inside the trashcans and scatter trash everywhere
while they look for something pilfer. I have not
personally seen any evidence of a bag of burglary tools
hidden beneath their fur, so they are very light fingered
and intelligent crooks.

We have resorted to
tying the lids on with bungee cords,
but how soon will it be before they see their way through
our rouse and find another way to lift the lids?

As you can see they are very brazen Bandit's and
have very little fear of being incarcerated .
This one is looking back over its shoulder at me
and tauntingly saying " I will be back".


spookydragonfly said...

What a great post!! I enjoyed reading of your masked bandits' shenannigans! Especially enjoyed the photos. We've had to deal with them time to time also. They are hilarious to watch.

Susie said...

Those pesky little bandits. But they are cute, aren't they?

Thanks for welcoming me to blotanical. I'm trying to find my way around it.

lzyjo said...

I swear those B* have thumbs! How else are they able to open trash can lids?! I hope they don't figure our those bungee cords, picking up trash is no fun.

Beth said...

Cute little critters until they eat hundreds of dollars worth of plants!

Cosmo said...

Thanks for welcoming me on Blotanical--I had to come see your blog. Racoons are such bandits--I love your pictures--and your posting on "If it Holds Dirt" as well. Glad I found you.