Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Bee's Knees

No, I am not talking 1920's flapper era slang such as the
"Bee's Knees" or the "Cat's Pajamas"
I am not sure, but I really wonder if Bee's have knees.
That might be a question to ask Tom at the
"Ohio Nature Blog".
If they do have knees they are awfully small indeed.
The phrase "Bee's knees" stands for excellent, of highest
quality or small.
They may be small of size but they live up to excellence
in nature for the job they have been given to accomplish.
What would we gardener's do without them?
They are marvelously created, and a reminder that all
things, even small, are dependent upon one another to
keep the cycle of life continuing.

These little fella's have been working hard collecting
pollen into the sacs on their little legs from the remaining
flowers in the beds.
No doubt they are sensing the change of seasons and the
nearing of a time when all of the flowers will be gone.


Cindy said...

Great photos of our little friends. They are always hard at work.

Aud på Dal said...

Beautiful pictures, bees and bumblebees are so pleasant to have in the garden, important to have plants they thrive on.

lzyjo said...

The Bee's Knees. That's too funny, it's totally becoming my new saying!!! I can't believe I've never heard that one before.