Saturday, September 27, 2008

Die Trumpet Vine! Oh, Please Die !

Trumpet vines like this one grow along the roadside
in various areas of the county. They are growing on
fences and fence posts where once stood old homesteads
that have long disappeared.

I dug up the root from one along side an old county road
in the area about twenty years ago and brought it home
and planted it to grow up an old clothesline pole that was in
the yard. It grew in leaps and bounds. It adapted so well to
the old clay soil and took very dry conditions on without
a hitch.
Over the years I was able to trim it and shape it over the
crossbar of the clothesline pole to look like a giant umbrella.
It was was beautiful in its form even without blooms, but
when it was in bloom it was gorgeous and the hummingbirds
just loved the thing and flocked to it. I was quite pleased
with the trumpet vine.

Then it started raising its ugly side !!

It started coming up in the yard all around it, even
fifty feet away from the main vine. It came up in
distant flowerbeds. Sprouting up to try to grow upon
distant trees. At the edge of the garage some twenty
feet away.
I knew then I was in deep trouble and the vine was
very invasive and had to go. So in year of 2003 I sadly
chopped down my lovely umbrella shaped trumpet vine.

Well one would think that would be the end of the story,

I am still fighting with that trumpet vine. The roots are
still growing underground and it is still coming up all
throughout the yard, in my flowerbeds, around my trees
and shrubs, along the garage,and now the !*#!#* thing is
clogging up the septic and sewer lines that run through
the yard.
I have pulled up roots, sprayed root killer, poured root
killer for the septic system, and jerked out
sprouts for the last five years and cannot kill or get rid
of the thing.
It has turned from a beautiful vine to a costly plague
in my yard every Summer.

I have even given it the , talk to your plants therapy,
"Die !! #*#! you, Oh, please won't you just die!!!!!"

Nothing is working and I am wondering if it will take
another twenty years to kill the monster ??
I have this dreaded feeling that this vine will still be trying to
rise again long after I am gone and my house has disappeared,
like those from which I had gotten it from. And one day
someone will get a root from it to take home and plant.
This trumpet vine will never be dead, will it?

So let me be the one to warn everyone.
Investigate the plant before you dig it up and bring it
home to plant.
" There may be a reason that the plant is still there
after the home's have long since disappeared."


GardenJoy4Me said...

I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time with this nightmare vine ! I have heard of it going "crazy" in a big bad way too. There are new cultivars .. I think one is called "Indian Summer" that have been bred to behave .. but you have one of the monster ones and your hands are full. Have you asked some one at a nursery about a sure way to rid yourself of this bad boy ?
You have a really nice blog here and my cats are VERY curious about the sound track ! LOL

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Lona...Sorry to hear of your nightmare...sounds like this could be made into a made-for-television horror movie!! O.k. maybe exaggerate here and there...throw in a few screams, etc. My mom always loved that plant when she'd see it in someone's yard...ah, but she never knew of the evil that lurks! My cats are going crazy wondering where that music is coming from, too!

julian said...

I had a similar problem with a Morning Glory, but not as bad as you tho!