Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ash Cave's Ice Column

This is a picture that was taken last Autumn of Ash Cave in
the Hocking Hill's State Park area.
To get a prospective on just how large the cave area is
look at the steps in the picture. This is just one corner
of the rock overhang. It was very dry at the time so
there was no water in the bowl or creek area at the bottom
of the picture. Water and rain usually runs over the top
of the rocks at the split and collects in the bowl.
It is not a falls but just overflows when it is wet.

This is what it looks like now. In the Winter the dripping
water freezes and forms a massive ice column.

I estimated that the ice column was over forty feet high.

The column continues to grow as the water falls.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Amazing! But I have to say that I am glad we don't have that kind of cold weather here right now.


tina said...

Hi Lona, This ice mountain is incredible. Thanks for saying how big it is too. I wouldn't want to be around when it finally melts and falls. I can hear the cracking now. You surely do live in a lovely area. I noticed your sumac post below-this stuff is SO great!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

40 feet high, I can't imagine. Isn't nature amazing?!

Thistledew Farm said...

Very cool pictures - would love to hike there!

Aerie-el said...

Wow! That is so (I have to say it...) cool! Looks like a stalagmite and stalactite, in a really lovely park.

VW said...

Hi Hocking Hills,
I believe you've visited my blog a couple of times, but I hadn't found yours until today. Love the pictures of the ice column. And your photo at the top of your blog is great. Regards, VW