Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blotanical Withdraw Symptoms

Where O' Where are you? Where have you Gone!

Are we experiencing technical difficulties?

Is my computer net working system on the blink?

Somebody's got to do something!!

I have not been able to get onto Blotanical for two day's now
and as bad as it may sound I do believe I am going into Blotanical
withdraw mode.

What is Blotanical you may or may not ask.
Founded by Stuart Robinson of "Gardening Tips 'n Ideas" from
western Australia.

It is a community and networking site where gardeners interact with
other gardeners from
all over the world and put their gardens up for all to see.
It is the place where gardeners and garden bloggers go to interact and share
their experiences, knowledge, triumphs and even failures with other
garden enthusiast's. You do not have to be a blogger or even have a garden
to enjoy Blotanical. If you love flowers and nature or wish you had a garden,
then Blotanical will bring you all of this and photographs from every corner of
our world.
I joined in July of 2008 and since that time have been able to learn so
much from fellow gardeners who have shared their knowledge and friendship.
I have been able to see and learn about flowers and plants from all over the
world. I tried finding garden bloggers by search engines but few showed
up. Then I happened across a reference to Blotanical from an Ohio garden
blog and decided to join. I found it all and more on one site and did not
have to bog down my favorites feature with listings of blogs.

It is where the joy and peace that gardening brings is shared with
others and those who are addicted to plants get their fix.
AND I need my fix!
Hey, it is winter, cold, dreary, and snowing and the seeds have
been sowed to germinate for spring plantings.
What's a gardener to do?

What is going on in the gardens of all of my fellow gardeners from the states?
Is it still 108 degrees in Australia and are their gardens drying up and dying?
How is the winter sowing and seed starting going?
What are the Mediterranean or Desert gardeners doing?
Is Canadian, Swedish and German gardeners still snowed under?
What is happening to gardening in England, Wales and Scotland.
Who knew petunias were growing in Egypt.
Are there new plants blooming in India, Portugal, Sudan, South Africa,
France, Italy, Cyprus, Japan, Indonesia,and Malaysia.
There has to be pictures of flowers from China, Taiwan, Brunei, Thailand,
or the Philippines.

Hey, what is happening down on the Farm?

Now you see my dilemma. Now to find out what the problem might
be that is causing Blotanical not to appear on my web server.
Somebody's got to do something!


Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Oh No, Lona! I didn't know your feed wasn't working on blotanical;) It's working fine on my google reader though;) I love the 'article' that you just wrote here. Very informative and thorough! You will get a red star from Stuart for this, NO DOUBT!!


JGH said...

Too funny, Lona. When I first started my blog I couldn't get Blotanical to pick up my feed. My husband was trying to help me with it and couldn't understand why I thought it was so crucial! Hope it's working for you now.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

That is weird isn't it. And very disturbing!

The other morning, Google would not let me click on your blog to view it at all, yours and many others. Eventually it [ google] decided that I was not a hacker, trying to replicate viruses, and it let me back in.

And for the longest time my anti virus program alerted me to phishing problems whenever I went on Blotanical. So something is definitely not right in Blotanical land. I am wondering if anyone else is encountering problems.


Jenny said...

Sorry about your links not working, so I will let you know that we have finally had a reprieve from the heat in Sydney. We got to 106 yesterday, before the southerly arrived in time for dinner, and today is bliss. Hope all the links work for you soon.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hey Girls, I finally got into Blotanical after three days.I checked everything from my end from server to security measures, etc. and everything was alright on my end. Even ask my computer savvy son about it all. He said it was on Blotanical's server side so there was nothing I could do. I am glad to be able to get back on and will now try to catch up :)

Anonymous said...

I had that happen a few months ago, and it drove me crazy not being able to get into Blotanical. I'm surprised it was at their end though, because I had no problems with them at all. Glad to see you are back in the groove! I enjoyed my retreat visit down to your area. We were at Camp Akita in Logan. Gorgeous place! Are you familiar with it?

Victoria said...

I know exactly how you feel. It all seems to be fine now - something to do with migrating to a new server. I was amazed at how dependent I'd become on it. I did try picking up people's blogs through Google, but it seemed like very hard work compared to cruising through Blotanical.
Best wishes, Victoria