Sunday, January 18, 2009

Geranium's Blooming in the Winter

The hot pink Geraniums in the washtub have been in my
garden for last two Summers.
For two winters they have been over wintered indoors
by different methods.

Last Winter I pulled them up, shook the soil off of the roots,
and tying a piece of twine around the bottoms they were
then hung upside down in the basement from a hook.
I had read an article in "Garden Gate" on over wintering
Geraniums and since I just loved the hot pink ones I wanted
to try and keep them so I thought "what the hey",
I'll try it once and it worked.
They were brought out of the basement in April and potted up
again where they started growing again.
Then the last of May they were put back into my flower containers.
The first year they were growing in my window boxes and last
Summer two of them made it into the old washtub.

This Winter I hung some back down in the basement again and
two others were brought into the house and put into my mini
greenhouse. The mini greenhouse shelves have been so wonderful
for me because I do not have good windows which get enough
sunlight to grow flowering plants. My Grandmother use to keep
them over Winter on her windowsills but she had windows that
caught good sunlight.

I also brought in to over Winter two Ivy Geraniums and
three double blossoming Impatien's plants to experiment with.
Some wonder why would you even want to try to keep Impatien's,
but I have to be frugal and if I can keep them and not
let them go to waste, why not.
They are kept pinched back and are not fertilized to let them
rest some. In the Spring everything will get fertilized to go
back out again. (If they make it)

The two hot pink Geraniums have been blooming off and on
all Winter in the mini greenhouse.

Here are some of the blooms that are now blooming on
one of the plants.


gardenerprogress said...

So pretty! Do they continue to grow larger in size each summer or do they stay about the same? I never have much luck with geraniums. :(

Anonymous said...

I have a small geranium overwintering in the basement, just a plain orangey red one. All I did was stick it in the chilly basement in it's pot, now I'm ignoring it! I have a few other pots down there too, and all look dead. I keep telling myself they are dormant, which was my goal. I water them about once a month. Wonder if it will work!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

gardenprogress; Mine have stayed about the same size. The ones in the basement will be cut back after potting and then they will start growing again.I am still experimenting also and hoping they will make it again.

Robin; I have about 13 pots of different containers that I put in the basement. I am hoping mine are dormant too.It is always worth a shot to save some anyway. What have we got to lose.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting. I don't grow geraniums but I'm wondering what other plants would overwinter that same way? I haul a lot of stuff into my basement every fall but not having to take the pots, dirt, etc., would sure help! I can see why you want to save yours ~ the color is gorgeous.

Kylee said...

Lona, aren't those pretty! I'm saving my geraniums via the drying method this winter for the first time. Usually I leave them potted and they are either in a sunny window or in the basement greenhouse. I sure hope they make it until spring!

spookydragonfly said...

Your geraniums seem to be doing great. I have read of so many ways to overwinter, it's confusing. I have done it with my geraniums, too, but this method you speak of seems so much simpler. I have read to keep the roots in dirt, then no dirt, keep the roots moist, or watered, or they must be dry! I think next winter I'll do what you've done.

Cinj said...

I have a martha washington geranium that I am trying to over winter. I've never done this before. Are they supposed to turn brown? It's in the same pot it was in outside. I worry that I may have killed it. It's in a coolish basement and gets very little sun.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kathleen; I have never read about any other plants that you could do it to, but it would be great if others did as well. Thank you fro stopping by.

Kylee; I hope you have good luck with them the drying method. It does save a lot of room for other plants. Thank you for dropping by.

Spookydragonfly; I have read all different ways for them also. Geraniums must very very forgiving.

Cindy; I do not think it is suppose to turn brown.Maybe you let it dry out. Give it a little drink and hopefully the roots are still alright and it will come back.Cool won't hurt it but in wet dirt and cold might kill it.They do not like real wet roots with it is cool.

Debbies Doodle said...

I have been saving geraniums in my basement that last few years too. It works!! they are very nice. I am careful not to put them out side right away in the spring. I water them in the garage befor taking them out in the direct sun or cool nights.
beautiful pictures.

New Hampshire Gardener said...

Your blog is beautiful. I keep my geraniums in the sun room over winter, they bloom all year. But I have a friend who just puts them in the basement and waters once or twice during the winter.
She also did this with a potted datura last winter and it came through perfectly and bloomed again all summer.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

New Hampshire Gardner; I went and checked everything in the basement yesterday and so far, so good. I also have a Datura in the basement I am experimenting to see if it will come back. I love them as long as they are outside. The smell gets to me indoors.Thank you for stopping by.

Maureen said...

Stunning Photography, I will visit your blog again soon, it's lovely.

This blog watching is addictive isn't it ? so many beautiful plants, advice and lovely people. I am enjoying Blotanical.

Maureen said...

I hope my message came through ok, as I sent it quickly and wasn't sure if I had signed in.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Maureen; this blog watching can be very addictive. I cannot keep up with them all now it seems.Glad you are enjoying Blotanical. I sure have meet a lot of great people and learned so much from them. Thanks for stopping by.