Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cement Tree Stump

I've been tagged by Deb at Life in the Dweeb Lane in
a post called "Photo Tag".
Here are the rules:
Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
Explain the picture.
Tag 4 people to do the same.

This could get funky but lets see now.
Well at least it turned out to be a little interesting.

I mentioned before that I do a lot of Genealogy research
here in my state and county. I am also dedicated
to the recording of old cemetery's in the county so
that there are records of those buried in them. Some
cemetery's are very old and the stones are fading,
deteriorating and broken. Some by time and unfortunately
some by vandalism. So it has been my mission to record
as many as I can and donate the information on my
genealogy website "Dust in the Attic".

It has given me great satisfaction in doing this so that
future generations will have the records. It has also been
a very rewarding work in the fact that I have been able to
help so many in their research of their own Family Tree.

So the 4th file and the 4th picture is from my genealogy work.

This is a tree stump family stone in the "Prairie View Cemetery".
I thought it was so unusual and I had never saw a stone like it
in all of my researching. The moss that has found a home on it
just adds to the image of the tree stump, almost making it
appear as a real tree stump.

Since some do not go for the "Tagging" fad I will
list four but leave it up to them if they want to
participate in the game.
They are:

Robin at Life at Robin's Nest
Kim at Wishnik Woods
Cindy at Cinj's Chat Room
Areie-el at Gardener's Roost


Cinj said...

That is a very interesting stone, I've never seen anything like it before either. I'll check around and see what I've got.

Debbies Doodle said...

Wowow. That is the coolest stone. Did you know that I sell cemetery lots.!!! You brought up a picture of something we have in common.. weard hey.. I can not believe the creativity some people use in making there head stones. Is that green on the stone natural or part of the color of the stone?? I have a picture of an Amish cemetery on one of my older post on my blog. They are very simple. Thank your for the post.

Aerie-el said...

Lona, Nice picture! I had not seen anything like that until recently when I went on a Ghost Tour. One stop was at a cemetery in Seattle where they had quite a variety of those sorts of headstones. As you might imagine, there was plenty of moss on them, which made them look even more realistic.
I wanted to let you know that I posted in response to your tag too :)

Anna said...

Thanks for your friendly welcome to me when I recently joined Blotanical. I have recently become interested in genealogy. My dad has gone back as far as 1802 and I am now taking over from him. A fascinating interest. The tree stone is most realistic - I wonder if it fools the birds.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Cindy; thanks so much.

Deb; I did not know you sold lots.The moss on the stone was real moss that had grown over time.It add something to it.

Aere-el; I have never went on a ghost tour. I love the Ghost Hunter show though.

Anna; thanks for dropping by. Genealogy can be very habit forming. It is fascinating work, and can be a challenge finding people, maybe that is another reason I am hooked on it.