Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is This A Joke! Idiot Alert !

Say What! We are doing what?!

You have to be kidding me. This is a joke, right?

Now I have finally reached the end of my tether and just have to
go into a rant , this is really just too much and too stupid to be born.
Has the EPA lost all prospective on common sense, have they just
grown so powerful that their heads are too big, or are they searching
for ideas to keep their jobs and funding?
When I read an article in my local daily news that the EPA was
considering a tax on gases emitted by the "belching and flatulence" of
livestock constituting air pollution, I thought it was a joke by the writer,
but no it was seriously being considered. LOL!
I mean I am all for keeping check on green house gases and air pollution
but this is beyond common sense. Hey, s**t stinks so deal with it!
If this would pass, what is next a tax on my commode if I exceed the
flatulence quota. And some days at my age I most likely would.
The Environmental Protection Agency had a plan that cattle operations
with 50 or more cows would pay an annual tax of $87. 50 per cow: for
dairy operations with 25 or more cows the annual tax would per cow is $175;
and hog operations with 200 or more the annual tax per hog would be $20.
Based on the 2000 U.S. Department of Agriculture animal inventories, the
EPA plan would imposed $10.17 BILLION in fees on cattle, dairy, and hog
producers. The EPA claims its proposal affects only operations that emit 100
tons of carbon or more. There are no studies showing that the emissions
cause any measurable harm to anyone. {Only our noses}
The so called "Cow Tax" would add more than $10 billion to American's
food bill. But that would only be one outcome to such a tax. It would
also mean the elimination of thousands of producers. Imports would
replace the loss an we would be again made slave to (as with oil) to foreign
supplies of beef,pork, and dairy products.
Another example of rules and regulations that are more for promoting
the creation government jobs and increasing revenue, than the general
welfare of American's.
Needless to say the outcry made the EPA back pedal from an act that
made no sense whatsoever. They then made the statement that " the
only means of controlling such emissions would be through limited
production which would result in decreased food supply".
Well big Whoop! No kidding! Nor did they ever consider the poor farmers
that are dropping like flies trying to etch out a living?
Or is that what they are leading to, the destruction of the American farmer
so that government has to take over all farming enterprises and have all
government owned farms supply American's food. Do not laugh and think
that I am over extending my small brain or speaking conspiracy theory.
With the foreclosure of thousands of homes and farms lately, all things
are possible. Either one, foreign dependent or government dependent, does
not sit well with anyone, neither is such regulations made just to force
American's eating habits.
The so called "Cow Tax" needed to die because it
would not have been a laughing matter, and thank goodness it did not
come to pass and has become a laughing matter.

But to keep it on the lighter side, I just found the whole idea of taxing
flatulence beyond stupid. Sometimes in our rush to save the world we
loose all common sense and end up destroying more than we have tried
to save.
So I have had my rant and made fun of this idea, and oh, I
feel so much better.


If you are a vegetarian please, this is not a posting about meat or animal
treatment. If you are political this is not about politics, so spare me these
comments. If you do not have a sense of humor about this posting, then
get over your serious self and get into the real world once in awhile.
Do you really think yours does not stink?? You may be taxed next.


cindee said...

I agree its nuts. Poor cows have to pass gas too.(-:

Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh my, thanks for the giggle! It really is outrageous - if you can't stand the stink, get out of the barnyard. :-) Too much.

Barbarapc said...

What's next, charging Grandpa a fiver next time he asks Billie to pull his little finger!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

I love your post!!! I have a better idea. Rather than taxing animals for their gas, let's tax politicians for THEIR effluvia. That would remedy deficits in quick order, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Let's tax the EPA for stupidity.

Debbies Doodle said...

dumb huhh... that's the kind of stuff that scares the life out of farmers... people really want to do things like that..