Friday, February 6, 2009

Using Wicker Baskets As Planters

I love baskets of all sizes and shapes so using them
as flower planters is something that makes sense to me
and I have made use of them throughout my garden beds
over the years. Hang them, set them or spill them over sideways
whatever works for that spot.
Granted they do not last as long as planters made from
stronger materials but I use tips to make them lasts as
long as possible.
I recycle a plastic bag to line the baskets cutting slits to
allow for water drainage. I also do not set them directly on
ground but use rocks,bricks, an old piece of board, pot holders,
or even the old recycled burner grates from an old range
to let air circulate to prevent rotting of the baskets in the bottoms.

The first baskets I ever used was old wicker clothes baskets
which I tipped on their sides and planted flowers and vines in.
Unfortunately I do not have a picture of them.

Like other flower containers you can pick them up and
move them around wherever you need a splash of color in you
garden at the time.

Hanging them even on the trees to help with adding in
color to a shady area in the yard.

Hanging them on fences for a decorative idea.
The fence helps hide an unsightly tile cistern filter.

Adding them to a new flower bed that you have not gotten
fully planted yet.

We have a lot of shade so many baskets are planted
with Impatiens to add interest and color.

And what is Autumn without a basket of Mums.

As you can see I do love to use baskets in my gardening.


Cinj said...

Oh those baskets looks terrific! Double impatiens are my favorite shade plant.

Anonymous said...

They all look wonderful and unique. I like baskets too. I line mine with old grocery bags--the paper ones. They do break down over time but it takes a couple of years and I like that look too.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I never thought to use them in the garden. I like the look the basket of flowers has. The one on the tree is very cute. I will be trying this idea this summer. I have a few of those little mushrooms that you have by your bird bath.

Anonymous said...

I have two words for you: EYE CANDY.

Your photos are so therapeutic--chasing away the winter blues. I've got two picket fences in two different borders. I might have to copy your ideas, if you don't mind. Baskets are cool, earthy, organic. I'm definitely going to check Goodwill. I'd like to get a few to nail on my trees also as you've done. Pure genius.

Anonymous said...

My house is full wicker baskets with plants inside, but I've never used them outside! Maybe I should.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Cindy; Do not know what I would do without Impatiens in my shady yard.I grow so many from seed but always end up buying more. I have managed to keep 3 of the doubles over winter.

Flowergardengirl: They do break down after a few years but then throw them into the compost pile.

Catherine; I really like them hanging on trees. With vines hanging from them it takes on an all new look.

Grace: Right on , I get so many of my baskets from Goodwill, they always have them around and cheap.It helps my purse and helps others also.

Robin: You might try one to see if you like the look.In the right spot they look great.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas Lona! I haven't ever used my baskets outdoors either. I love blogging for the inspiration it provides. You are my inspiration today!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kathleen: You are the crafty one and I will be getting lots of ideas from your postings.Thanks for dropping by.

Melanie said...

I was considering using some of my wicker baskets outside for container gardening and found your post. Your baskets look so pretty in your garden! I know they won't last forever outdoors, but how are your baskets holding up?