Monday, March 30, 2009

Count Me In

Count me in on the April 13th, 2009 protest
Campaign against HGTV,
All we had left was a Thursday showing of
A Gardeners Diary and Paul James the Gardening
Guy and now to hear that h
e is going to be gone is
the last draw. Those who know me have seen my
postings on the Gardening missing
from HGTV channel
and of the emails I had sent to them protesting the lack of
gardening shows. I guess there answer to our questions on
the lack of gardening programs was to take away
what was left. Gardening has been removed from the
tabs to just landscaping. So I guess they really are
taking the gardening out of HGTV. Does that mean
it will become HLTV? I have nothing
against landscaping
but to me the total disregard to gardening now of all times
when more people are going back to it is unbelievable.

Well Tina is mad and not going to take it anymore and
has staged a day of protest for April 13th.
I am with her and all for it so I am passing the word.
Everyone go to the HGTV Protest blog and get the addresses
and contacts and lets let them hear it.
If everyone on Blotanical would join in it would be
a huge shout of protest.

Protest Campaign


Cathy said...

You can count me in!

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Me too! I haven't watched HGTV for so long because the shows started getting really bad, I thought. A show that I really loved was Gardening Naturally (Eliot Coleman and his wife Barbara)- That show had really good info. Why can't they have shows like that?

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hmm. I had no idea. I used to watch HGTV all the time; lately, not so much. However, the idea of severing ties w/Paul James is shocking. I did notice they got away from gardening shows and I think that's why I don't watch it much anymore. I am sorry things are taking this down-turn. I am going to look into this;-)

Nat said...

Count me in!

New Hampshire Gardener said...

Thank you passing on this information. My husband and used to enjoy many gardening shows together but there is so little on now. I will go right over to the link you posted.