Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Squawking Squirrels

What a racket those squirrels were making down in the woods
yesterday. They got my attention and I wondered what they were
up to. I had been trying to get a close picture of the two that
have been playing around near the house for quite a while
but not having a powerful enough lens keeps me from getting a
close up of them. They're very wild here in the hills and not tame
like their cousins the city squirrels so getting close to them
is out of the question. I just do not sneak as well as I did in my
younger years when I hunted with my cousins and grandpa.
Anyway hearing their squawking I grabbed up the camera to see if I
could see what had them fussing so and hoping again to get a picture.

I spotted them easily because of the lack of leaves and
by then they had become as silent as church mice.
This one was sitting so still and watching the ground.

The other squirrel was also still as if it had gotten frozen
while going up the tree limb.
They both did not move at all. As I watched them the
reason for their squawking and frozen condition came
walking out of the under brush.

One of the feral cats came slinking out.
They watched him move off up into the yard
and then they both took off through the trees.


cindee said...

We have a black cat! Looks like that one! He always is trying to catch something.
Our squirrels will sit in the tree and squawk at the cat or the dog too!(-:

Darla said...

Sending out warnings!!

Susan Tomlinson said...


Dawn said...

Ha, ha! I was going to say...I don't have squirrels in my yard because of my cats, they squawk from across the road!

Dirt Princess said...

How very annoying a squawking squirrel can be!!! And they go on, and on, and on!!!!

Cathy said...

Those little rascals! yep it is starting to act like spring now here comes the rain today!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

The squirrels do that sometimes in our yard if we surprise them. They are a little scary when they stare at you making all that noise, I have this little fear they'll jump on me.

Anonymous said...

Ah, no wonder the squirrels were squawking! Looks like a wild kitty on the loose! I love yellow roses, but I haven't see knockouts in yellow yet. I can't get into those knockouts, they don't have any scent. Or do they? I have a yellow rose called Michelangelo and it smells heavenly.

Aiyana said...

Squirrels are not all that common in the desert. I sometimes wish there were a couple in my garden, just for the opportunity to watch them.

Janet said...

Sound the alarm! It is really interesting to see how animals warn each other of impending danger.