Sunday, March 1, 2009

Garden Show Goes to the Movies

The Central Ohio Home and Garden Show is going on
now and the theme is "Hooray For Hollywood".
I was so exited because it was my first time to take in the
Garden Show in Columbus, Ohio and I was not disappointed.
The creativity of nursery and landscape designers was amazing
in their displaying of plant materials and landscaping to
highlight the themes was wonderful.
The different Hollywood shows represented were:
Tombstone, Ratatoulle,Terminator 2, Notting Hill, Under the
Tuscan Sun, Herbie the Love Bug, Jurassic Park, Cast Away,
Mary Poppins, Lord of the Rings, Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon,
Raiders of the Lost Ark, Mamma Mia, Hollywood at Home, and
The Secret Garden.
The displays were in the dark and were back lite in various was
to make one think they were having a primer night,
so some of the pictures may not be the best.

Today I will share some pictures of "Lord Of The Rings".

Japanese Maples were mixed in among many of the scenes
and Spring flowers were used in abundance along with shade
loving plants.

The house of Bilbo Baggins built into the hillside at Bag End in
the Shire. Spruce trees provide protection from the Winter
winds for white flowering dogwoods and Willows line the path to
the home. Blooming Azaleas and Rhododendron are a welcome
sight after a long, cold winter. Tulips add splashes of color.

Stone walls and paver paths invite you in while Bilbo greets
you welcome from the window.

The Lord of the Rings display was created by Oakland Nurseries
and was brilliant.

The Home and Garden Show is at the Expo Center in Columbus,
Ohio and runs from February 28th through Sunday March 8th.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Those are wonderful displays, I am looking forward to seeing some more.

Having participated in designing and building for these types of show, I can well appreciate how much work has gone into it.



Debbies Doodle said...

I love the movies. That is very pretty,

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

That sounds fun! My friend and I drove down the the Flower Show in Cincy last spring--did you happen to attend it, too?

Cathy said...

Wow! very nice scenery!

Anonymous said...

I loved the Home and Garden show too! I think our blog posts are going to be similiar for a few days. tee hee Did you go to that booth with all the seeds, bulbs, tubers, etc? I about went crazy in there! And BTW, the fudge you saw for my party was actually my Fudge Topped Brownies. Extra decadent.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

That is so pretty. It's always amazing what they can put together for the garden shows. Looking forward to seeing more of the displays.

spookydragonfly said... nice to see these photos, it's a nice reminder that spring is just around the corner!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jen: The work that goes into creating the displays is huge.I was amazed at all of the landscaping brought to the indoors. Amazing.

Deb: Hope you and your horses are still making it through this winter. I had seen all of the movies represented but two and liked them all.

Monica: I have not been to the Cincinnati Garden Show. I have enough trouble with getting through Columbus let alone Cincy.:) I hate the traffic rush when I do not know exactly where I am going.

Cathy: I only wish a person could get better pictures but with so many people packing in I was lucky to get some of the shots I did.I took a small camera and just started snapping.

Robin: Oh, wasn't it great! We had a good time. Yes, I was in the seed and bulb display but did not get any. I hope you got some good ones. I did get two little mushrooms and a little fairy.I was going to get a violet before I left and forgot to go back like a ninny.I did stop at Southern shopping plaza and Lowes on the way home. Guess what I got and orchid and a Anthrium. Yeah!I am sure although we both took pictures they will be different too. It was dark in there though and crowded but well worth the trip up the dreaded I 71 :) Fudge and brownies together ? Now your giving chocolate envy :)You really know how to hurt a girl.

Catherine:Since it was my first big garden show I was in awe at the detail and work that was put into them.

Spookydragonfly: It was arrayed with spring flowers and the fragrance of the hyacinths was wonderful.Not like my bulb forcing experiments :)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Lona, what a spectacular show! I've never seen anything like that--the garden and movie connection. The theme is great too!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a pleasant week!

Mariaberg said...

I want to go to that place, it is a little far away so I am so happy that you will show me some pictures.

Thank you!

I have a Elderberry tree in my garden an my fathers new wife make sirup of the flower to me and I love to mix it with white vine and sparkling water.
Interesting to know, *The Romans made hair dye from Elderberries.

Like the cat, I also love the birds you have taken photos of.

I saw that you have been to my blog a while ago and that you like one of my picture,
At that page it is a competition so you can win that photo as a A4 print.
The page will tell you to go and visit a page with more photos and then you write down the photo you like and why you like them.
I need that help so I know what kind of photos people like.
If you like the competition will you please tell your friends?

I have a translation gadget on top of the blog.

Lots of love,
Maria Berg, MB

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kanak: Thank you for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed the posting.

Maria:Thank you for dropping by.I love your photos and will be visiting your blog.

Patsi said...

Love seeing all the pics!
It's great for ideas.