Monday, March 2, 2009

Mary Poppins Visits Garden Show

Well maybe not Julie Andrews, but another Mary
Poppins was represented at the Central Ohio Home
and Garden Show now going on.
The theme for the Garden Show was "Hooray For Hollywood"
with displays from different movies.
Yesterday I posted "The Lord of the Rings" if your missed it.
It was dark in the displays so please bear with the grainy photos
and poor shot since they were taken very fast because of the press
of the crowd that was attending the first day.

Here are a few pictures from the Mary Poppins display.

Representing a London park, columns with gas lights and wrought
iron fencing greeted you along with Mary Poppins.

The begonias in mass along the wrought iron fencing was beautiful.
They were one of my favorite displays of color in the show.
Garden walls were filled with coral bells and a variety of
hostas, and blooming crabapples, lilacs, rhododendron and
A stone paver patio showed off a fountain and sidewalk

The display was created by Ripenhoff Landscaping, Ltd.

More pictures will be forth coming from the Garden Show.


Darla said...

Beautiful color in this garden show!!

Cathy said...

I would love to have that fountain right in my sunroom...
those begonias are just beautiful!

Tatyana said...

Lona, those begonias are beautiful, I love the color! I hope they are not talking about closing this show as they do about Northwest flower and garden show.

lynn'sgarden said...

Lona, what a great theme for the show..everybody can relate to movies! Those pink begonias are gorgeous! Looking forward to the next two theme of pictures!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Darla: There were some great colorful plantings. I had a very good time getting my garden fix :)

Cathy:There was a little boy came up to the fountain and he just laughed and giggled saying oh, water. Of course he had to get his hands into it.It would look good with all of your plants.

Tatyana: Have heard no rumors of it closing. It was so well attended, but I do realize after seeing one how much it must cost them to build a display. So much work goes into it.

Lynn: There were some great theme movies and some not so great and I wondered why with all of the movies they picked them.But I got more pictures of the themes that were good for gardening. THe mass planting of begonias was so beautiful.

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

I am so happy I stumbled across your lovely blog! First, Lilacs are my very favorite flower, ever! Followed by hydrangeas, peonies, bearded iris and foxgloves to round out my top 5 faves. Second - We spent a week in the Hocking Hills in September 2007 and fell in love with the area, and the state! That trip we camped near Logan. We hope to go back in June (depending on my dad's health) and if we do, we'll be camping near Zanesville. Once again, I'm so glad I found your lovely blog! Blessings, Becky G.

getgrounded said...

Lona, looks like fun! Cute picture of "Mary Poppins".

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Becky: I am so glad you dropped by. Hydrangeas,Lilacs and Roses are my favorites.It is great to hear that you have been a visitor to the Hocking Hills and enjoyed the scenery. It is a much under advertised beautiful spot.Hope your father will get well and you are able to come back to Ohio for camping.Hope to speak to you again.

GetGrounded: She was such a charming Mary Poppins and didn't even mind when I ask her if she could fly :) She probably will get asked the same question until it makes her sick. Thanks for dropping by.

Cinj said...

Oh, so pretty! We're supposed to have a garden show here this weekend. Nothing as elaborate as that I'm sure. I think I may just try to drag Cheesehead and the kids to it. Seeing all of those beautiful blooms makes me long for spring even more.

Nancy said...

You don't find begonias here very often - I think it gets too hot. Love the Mary Poppins!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Cindy: It was so good to get out and see all of the plants and colors and get some fresh ideas. I had such a good time.

Nancy: I think I loved the mass planting of begonias so much just because I cannot grow the things. The bulbs always rot right in the pots for me for some reason. I do not over water them. Just cannot figure it out.

Msrobin said...

The begonias in that display were gorgeous, weren't they? You did much better at taking photos than I did. It was so crowded that I just quickly snapped, then left. I rarely took more than one shot at each display. The darkness made many of them so grainy that I quickly deleted them.