Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Secret Garden at the Garden Show

The "Secret Garden" was another theme for the Central Ohio
Garden Show. It was very pretty and I want one! Never happen
but one can always hope.
Its ivy gated entrance into stone walls and with a water garden
with a frog water fountain. Ferns were placed all around.

Beautiful flowering hyacinths, tulips ,daffodils, and crocuses were
in colorful abundance. Flowering dogwoods, redbuds and rhododendrons
line a stone pathway leading past the childhood swing in the Secret Garden.

Statues and containers added to the decor of the garden.

If anyone can tell me the name of the shrub or plants around the large
pot I would appreciate it. They were so lovely with their variegated
leaves and green-white blooms, seeds or brats I did not have
time to check them out further.
If it is a shade plant it will
be a great addition to my shady areas.

The Secret Garden theme was created by Warwick Landscaping.


Anonymous said...

Lona, The Secret Garden looks amazing. I can't help with the ID of that lovely plant, but I'll be interested in knowing what it is myself. Love the swing...don't you think every garden should have a beautiful swing? :)

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I've always wanted a Secret Garden! How pretty. I think the shrub is some type of variegated pieris. If that is what it is they are beautiful and have such pretty flowers. They are evergreen here, and they do like some shade.

Anonymous said...

Hi. The variegated plant is a Pieris or sometimes called Andromeda but Pieris is the genus name. I don't grow it but I think it will flower best in full sun but the leaves might look better in shade. It's evergreen in my Zone 8 region. Hope this helps. What a great time you must have had at this show.

Janet said...

Lona, Nice post. Looks like you had a good time at the show. The plant in question looks like Cosmo's favorite..pieris japonica, and it is a shade plant!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Nancy: When I was a kid everyone had a homemade swing like that. It brought back memories.

Catherine, Janet & Grace: Thanks for identifying the plant for me. I looked them up and for what they cost may never get one. They will work in my Zone 5 and they would be lovely in a garden.
Thanks so much girls!

Bren said...

My dear garden blogger friend Ilona went to the show last week and blogged some wonderful photos. YOUR photos are amazing as well. I am hoping to go this weekend. THANK YOU for sharing.
Happy Bloom Tuesday.

cindee said...

I love secret gardens(-: I also love when the garden shows do something special like this too!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Bren: I hope you have a wonderful time at the Garden Show.

Cindee: It was different, some more beautiful then others.

Anonymous said...

All of these garden shows that everyone has been posting pictures of on thier blogs look interesting.

Thanks for reading by blog, sunset pictures are a favorite. I see your in southeast Ohio, how are things up that way, I am from Lexington, KY so I know the weather you have been having, cold! It is suppose to get hot here and I;m not ready, 80's are for late May into summer, lol. My plants down here need it though.