Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little Yellow to Brighten a Rainy Day

It has been raining here for two days and after the drying March
winds we have had it is welcome to help the Spring growth.
looking at the weather
forecasts and seeing heavy snow storms and
along the Red River valley I am not going to complain
one iota. I am hoping though that the new grass seed sown in
the back yard will benefit from the rain and that
it is not washing
down hill because we never covered it
with with straw after
sowing. If not they may have a nice growth
of new grass
down in the hollow before long.

Monday while it was warm and sunny I got a few pictures of what
was blooming now. Some of the daffodils were just
starting to
bloom and a few hyacinths.

Maybe all of the rain will bring out the blooms on the redbuds and
the dogwood trees soon.

My camera is in the ready for anything that dares to bloom.

A question for all of you Master Gardeners. Is Bergenia invasive?
I have thought to plant some but wanted to know first. I do not
want to get another plant like the "Purple Volcano" Salvia that I
constantly pull up.


cindee said...

Beautiful pictures! I have some bergenia and it doesn't grow out of control but thats in my area which is hot and dry in the summer. It sure is pretty though(-:

Thistledew Farm said...

Beautiful jonquil pictures! We too are having a rainy dreary day, thanks for sharing your garden today.

Bren said...

These photos are amazing. Mine are still in their bud just wanting to pop out. Maybe next week. Would you recommend a good seed company to me. I have a few snapdragons and sunflowers I have not been able to find.
THANKS For your help!

Cathy said...

They are vigorous growers but
not invasive, pretty daffodils!

Darla said...

Very pretty, waiting on some of that spring rain right now!! We need some.

Becca's Dirt said...

What a camera shot. I cannot believe how close up your photo is. Some gorgeous stuff you have there. Daffodils are my favorite.

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

My Bergenia spread slowly in a clump. I've had to divide them to make more. But, then again, mine rarely flower so that might make a difference.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

What pretty pictures you got! I love that bright yellow.
Hope you get just enough rain to get more blooms started!

keewee said...

Thank you for brightening our day with your lovely photos.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Thanks girls for the comments and the advise on the Bergenia. If they clump, then spread I can handle them. I just did not want something that would blow and come up everywhere. I have had enough of invasive plants and vines. I knew you all would not let me down.

texasdaisey said...

Great Pics. We could use a bit of that rain if you have some to spare.

lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Lona, what cheerful faces on the daffodils. Mine are about 3 inches out of the ground BUT I do have some pretty hellebores blooming..patience is key..ha!

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Great shots, Lona! I just love daffs! They're such happy flowers- perfect for spring!

Creative Country Mom said...

Oh so lovely! Mine are just plain old yellow, but cheerful none the less! ~Brooke

Sunita said...

So this is what Mr. Wordsworth was going into ecstasies over ! Hmmm... justified, I think :)
I love the extreme close-ups. Great photos,

spookydragonfly said...

Ta-Daa!!...I can finally comment. Great close-ups, Lona! We are basically in the same region, but my spring blooms aren't up yet...except my Coltsfoot!